Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get rid of dry/dead skin on your face, with a natural face and lip scrub!

Extra-virgin Olive Oil Scrub:                                                                           
-Popsicle stick, for mixing
-Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Honey Scrub:
-Popsicle Stick, for mixing

Other items optional for both:
-Hot water

1)Pour Sugar or Olive Oil into containers.
 Pour just the right amount into the cups. Don't worry if you over do it, you can always save the scrub for later.

2)Pour Sugar into the containers with the Olive Oil or Honey:
Just pour enough to saturate Olive Oil and Honey. then I used a wax mixing stick(a.k.a a popsicle stick) to combine the two items into a paste

3)Open up your pores.
Put the rag in hot water and put it on your face, to opening your pores and soften your face.

4)Apply the scrub.
I took the popsicle stick and applied each of the scrubs to each side of my face, then scrub I started scrubbing.

5)Wipe it off.
I then used the same rag to wipe the scrubs off my face because if I used the sink the water will go all over the place.

I use this process once in a while just to get rid of some of the dead skin cells on my face and lips. Tell me what you think if you tried it!

Honey scrub
Olive oil scrub, I know it looks gross!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Starter Guide: Make-up brushes

  Hey guys! Well this is my first official make-up post. When doing make-up these are the brushes you should have. These are not a necessity, but would be very helpful for any teen who likes experimenting with  make-up.

1) Blush Brush:
   Does more precise applications of your blushes and skin finishes.


 2) Eye-Shadow Brush(shader):

    Precisely applies eye shadows over lid

3) Eye-Shadow Brush(fluffy):

    Removes harsh lines on eye shadows and blends in color

4) Lip Brush(optional):

    Applies lip products evenly, without going outside the lip

5) Concealer Brush(optional):
    Can nicely and evenly apply concealer/foundation over skin

6) Brow Brush(optional):

   After filling in or doing eyebrows, you can use this brush to fix the shape

7) Eyeliner Brush(optional): 

   Can use to apply eye-shadows as an even strip, or apply gel eye-liners

8) HANDS!!

   Best tool you could have at the end of the day. Your hands can do pretty much what all the brushes can do, but maybe not as well.( well they can't do everything like eyeliner and such.)


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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

About Me + The Blog


*update at the bottom of the post

Hello! Welcome to Townhouse Palette, I am the editor, writer, photographer, graphic designer (sometimes), pr director, and social media peasant, Laila ^_^ I am a Pakistani-American teen located in the Midwest of the USA. Contrary to popular belief, I live a typical suburban teen lifestyle instead of the country/cowboy life many people who aren't from here assume. I am a straight up loner and I prefer to do things on my own, but don't get me wrong, I have friends and family I appreciate and love :) I have been in love with makeup, hair, and photography ever since I was really young. I was a HUGE writer as a child, not so much reading, but reading has slowly become a passion of mine.

I am currently eighteen years old and will be graduating high school in June 2016. This fall, I will be attending university to study Journalism, Strategic Communications to be exact. I am a pretty strange girl and all over the place, which is why this blog is strange and all over the place.

I started Townhouse Palette in the winter of 8th grade, as of 2016, four years ago. I have always wanted to start one, so I took the plunge. So far, it is the best decision I ever made! It is a place for any person who loves beauty, style, tech, cooking, and just life in general.

Here are a few posts to get started.

The Townhouse Palette fam keeps growing every day (kind of), so I hope maybe you would consider joining?

This is where the post gets awkward, lol. I do not know what else to say, but to stick around and read some of my posts???? Anyways have a great day ^_^

You can keep in touch with me through my social media in the sidebar.

[edit – 02/12/2018]

As of 2018, I am currently a sophomore in college studying strategic communication.

The last time I read this page with attention was two years ago. It warms my heart to see how far I have come and to see all the memories I have made.

I only came back to this page because my friend informed me it was outdated but I think adding an update at the bottom, instead of erasing the entire post, is nice. You know. ... for nostalgia.

I would honestly die to read my previous about me pages. They must be wild, lol.

Anyways, thank you for visiting Townhouse Palette! It is my little space on the internet where I blog about beauty and I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Have a good day ^_^
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