Saturday, December 31, 2011

Get rid of dry/dead skin on your face, with a natural face and lip scrub!

Extra-virgin Olive Oil Scrub:                                                                           
-Popsicle stick, for mixing
-Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Honey Scrub:
-Popsicle Stick, for mixing

Other items optional for both:
-Hot water

1)Pour Sugar or Olive Oil into containers.
 Pour just the right amount into the cups. Don't worry if you over do it, you can always save the scrub for later.

2)Pour Sugar into the containers with the Olive Oil or Honey:
Just pour enough to saturate Olive Oil and Honey. then I used a wax mixing stick(a.k.a a popsicle stick) to combine the two items into a paste

3)Open up your pores.
Put the rag in hot water and put it on your face, to opening your pores and soften your face.

4)Apply the scrub.
I took the popsicle stick and applied each of the scrubs to each side of my face, then scrub I started scrubbing.

5)Wipe it off.
I then used the same rag to wipe the scrubs off my face because if I used the sink the water will go all over the place.

I use this process once in a while just to get rid of some of the dead skin cells on my face and lips. Tell me what you think if you tried it!

Honey scrub
Olive oil scrub, I know it looks gross!


  1. How fun! I'll have to try it. Your blog is cute!
    xo, Kinsey

  2. @sincerelykinsey

    thanks so much:)You should try it, its very nice. I suggest the honey one because it tastes a lot better if it gets into your mouth:)

    1. Love this post!
      Cute blog :) +1 follower hihi,
      visit my blog and follow back?

  3. Really good post!!

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  4. @Jim Thomson

    Thank you:)



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