Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Starter Guide: Make-up brushes

  Hey guys! Well this is my first official make-up post. When doing make-up these are the brushes you should have. These are not a necessity, but would be very helpful for any teen who likes experimenting with  make-up.

1) Blush Brush:
   Does more precise applications of your blushes and skin finishes.


 2) Eye-Shadow Brush(shader):

    Precisely applies eye shadows over lid

3) Eye-Shadow Brush(fluffy):

    Removes harsh lines on eye shadows and blends in color

4) Lip Brush(optional):

    Applies lip products evenly, without going outside the lip

5) Concealer Brush(optional):
    Can nicely and evenly apply concealer/foundation over skin

6) Brow Brush(optional):

   After filling in or doing eyebrows, you can use this brush to fix the shape

7) Eyeliner Brush(optional): 

   Can use to apply eye-shadows as an even strip, or apply gel eye-liners

8) HANDS!!

   Best tool you could have at the end of the day. Your hands can do pretty much what all the brushes can do, but maybe not as well.( well they can't do everything like eyeliner and such.)


  1. omg! I really love those brushes! where did you get them fromm!(:

  2. I got them from forever 21 and other drugstores:) ,but I am soon gonna do a review on them.


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