Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake!!

So it was Saturday night, and my parents went out to a party. I was left home alone with my brother and we wanted some dessert to eat. Right then and there I said no, but my brother said if he made dinner I would have to clean the dishes. I decided then to make a Pineapple cake because it was just sitting in our cabinet spending its days all lonely. 

All you need:)

1) Can of Pineapples, crushed or rings
2) Cake batter, yellow or white, preferably Pillsbury or Betty Crocker  
3) Vanilla extract
4) Brown sugar

Step 1: Mix the the batter together.
Mix the batter like you normally do and pre-heat the oven.

Step 2: Add the pineapples and juice 
All you need to is add 4 spoonfuls of broken up pineapple directly into the batter. Then pour in about two tablespoons of pineapple juice. 

Step 3:  Vanilla extract.
Add about two teaspoons of vanilla extract only if you are using white cake mix.

Step 4: Prepare the pan!
Spray cooking spray or pour oil into the pan to make sure the cake does not stick. This step is very important for a nice cake. Make sure when you check the box and choose a pan size bigger than you already have to prevent over-flowing.

Step 5: Assembly of the cake.
Spread about 2/3 of a cup of brown sugar in the pan. Then add the pineapple(make sure you get rid of most of the juice of the pineapples), spread evenly. After that, add another layer of brown sugar. Finally, add batter and put in the oven.

Step 6: Checking the batter.
After you set the timer, you want to occasionally check back on the cake to ensure no burning or overflowing.  Then after the timer check the batter by inserting a toothpick into the cake to make sure that it is done, you might need some extra time.

Step 7: Cool and enjoy:
 After the cake is done, give it at least an hour to cool. Then flip it over on a platter and enjoy your simple pineapple upside-down cake!



  1. so nice recipe! love the picture :) hope you'll visit my blog xoxo

    1. Thanks! I love your blog too:)


  2. That sounds amazing right now. I'm going to check my cupoboard the second I log off my computer lol
    -Hayley xx


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