Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Polyvore: Geek Chic

Geek Chic
Okay so I discovered this website called Polyvore recently. I have to say I really enjoy it! The website lets you design full outfits and if you are really interested, you can purchase the outfits you design. All you have to do is register and start designing. You can share them on your blog, twitter, Facebook, and anywhere you want. So enough about Polyvore now onto the outfit.
For the top I did this really cute blue t-shirt that says," Why you guys up in my Bizznazz." I thought the shirt would add a pop of color and a more playful effect. Then to make the look more sophisticated I added a pale blazer, so the bright shirt won't overpower the outfit. 
As for waist down I did a pair of dark-washed denim skinny jeans because this outfit is more of a comfort look, instead of very dressed up. Then I had some problems deciding on the shoes because there was so many to choose from. I went with a pair of nude flats with some gold embellishment on the back. Other shoes that would look good with this outfit are nude heels/pumps, some sparkly gladiator sandals, or some plain nude oxfords.
As for accessories I wanted to make this outfit look cute and sophisticated. I went this gold, textured clutch for some shine. By the way the clutch in the whole outfit photo is different from the other one by its self. Then since this outfit hardly any sparkle I decided on a cute bow ring from forever 21 which is a total steal! Then to top it all off I added a pair of thick black glasses to finish off the geeky look, but it does add a hint of cuteness:)
Well I hope you enjoyed! Remember to comment, subscribe, and become a member.

Have you ever used Polyvore before? If you have please leave a comment saying your Polyvore address so I can check out your pieces! 



  1. Laila I love u ur so amazing!!! Love ur big sis! I'm so impressed!!

  2. Hey Laila - awesome outfit, I would totally wear the glasses! Sounds like a pretty happening website...may have to check it out for myself.


  3. @Kori

    Thanks a bunch:) I am happy you like it!


  4. Hey! Thank you so much for telling me what that website is! haha pintrest has been torturing me with pictures from it not linked back to it! Now I can go play with it myself. Also love the outfit soo much geek chic is one of my fav ways to roll :P I would totally wear this especially that shirt super cute!



  5. @Amy Munro

    Isn't cool, I absolutely love it:)



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