Friday, January 20, 2012

Spring nail-polish+Thank you!!

First off, let's get into nail-polish. Over a month ago my Walgreens was having a HUGE SinfulColors nail-polish sale. Each nail-polish was about 99 cents, yup only 99 cents. I went nuts and brought about 20 polishes!( I am not bragging in anyway shape or form) So among those 20, my sister picked one up, and it was a nice spring color.  So here it is......

GLASS PINK: This color is a simple sparkly pink nail-polish, that is quite sheer. The only problem with these polishes, is that it takes some time to dry:(

I wrote this article to see if you guys would like an entire spring nail-polish guide.... Leave in the comments below and tell me what you think!

Lastly,I wanted to say I reached over 25 members! I wanted to thank you guys for supporting me in the two months I have been blogging:)  I really appreciate the nice comments from you guys and I think I responded to ALL OF THEM( so if you did not see it, go check it out:) Thank you so much, I love you all!



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