Saturday, February 25, 2012

Toxic lipstick???

Yes you guys read correctly! Toxic lipstick, to be more exact Lead lipstick. Lead is a enemy to our bodies, if we absorb high-levels of lead it can give us terrible symptoms like headaches and etc. The real reason why lead is bad for the body is that it can damage any part of the body where it lands. Like the bloodstream, it will mess up and damage the you red blood cells.

Okay let's find out....
Will the levels of lead in lipstick 
harm your body??

The answer is no, because the levels of lead in lipstick is so small, that it is close to absolutely nothing. Even if does go in your body, will only absorb about 5% of the lead and deposit the rest. If you are a bit paranoid, here are some brands that contain no lead at all...

1. Avon

2.The Body Shop


4.Revlon: Colorstay

5. Wet' n' Wild

6. Mac

So there you go, confusion over! Send this link to your beauty paranoid friends, so they can learn the real truth about lipstick. 
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Haul!

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been posting for while, I was busy with school and such. Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 14:) I got some money from my friends and I went out to target to buy some make-up items. 

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse:

This is my first foundation ever. I was originally gonna buy the Dream Nude Airfoam, but I found this on clearance for five bucks! I tried it is not bad, it is pretty good. ( 5.19)

E.l.f cream eyeliner(black),

I tried this eyeliner, and I think it was a steal. It is pretty soft, not too soft. I don't think the eyeliner brush is good quality. I think it is pretty hard to apply the eyeliner with the brush.(3.00)

 Kiss everlasting french fake nails,

I really like these fake nails. I applied them last night and they stayed on all night and the day. Last time I got fake nails they kept falling off and is was a disaster! These ones much better:)(5.99)

ecotools brushes,

I have not tried these brushes out yet. Though I have some doubts on the eye shadow brush.(10.99)

e.l.f makeup remover cleansing cloths,

These are not my favorite cleansing cloths, they happen to sting my face after I apply them.(3.00)

e.l.f tinted moisturizer, 

This is not to shabby, it does provide nice coverage. Though, it does sting my face.(3.00)

Sonia Kashuk hidden agenda concealer,

I really like this concealer, it is very creamy and nice. I has three shades and then a setting powder.(9.99)

Have you ever used any of the products listed above? Tell me what you think about them in the comments below.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Make-up storage ideas for brushes!

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been posting for a while, but I thought I would share some ideas of how to store makeup brushes.

1)Plastic Trays. If you prefer having access to your brushes in drawers(or anywhere else)I suggest plastic trays. These can be from actual cosmetic trays to kitchen silverware trays. 


Picture from the
2) Kitchen Utensil Holder. If you are a makeup brush fanatic, then this is the storage for you. If you watch Elle Fowler, or allthatglitters21 on YouTube. Her most recent makeup storage video shows one of these. Sorry, I was not able to find a photo:(

3) Plastic Containers. This is the method I use on a day-to-day basis. I got this container from my friend around christmas, and it was filled with BBW goodies! I decided to use the container because it was cute and it might go to waste, so I filled with rice. I used rice, so my brushes would stand up. I use this method so my brushes are in reach.

Well those are 3 simple ways to store your make-up brushes. 
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What way do you store your brushes?
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