Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to make mineral makeup

So I was cleaning out my makeup  collection and saw that I had a small compact of old pressed powder that I was not interested in using. So I decided to make a D.I.Y for you guys on mineral makeup. The instructions are quite simple…
All you need:
  • ·     Tool fabric
  • ·     A container with a lid
  • ·     Scissors
  • ·     A hot glue gun
  • ·     A round-ended makeup brush( anything with a round tip works too.)
  •   A pressed powder

    *P.S Your container will not be able to close properly because of the hot glue*

Use the rounded end of the brush to break up your pressed powder; I am using maybeline pure powder.

 Pour the mineral makeup into the container.(1)
Next use the hot glue gun to glue the edges.(2)
Then put the tool on top, and cut around the edges.

Then you are all done!(3)

So at the very end, I could not decide what to do with the cap because I could not put it on the container. So I just decided to leave it as a place to pour my powder for application. 

Helpful Hints:

(1) Sanitize your container before use so your makeup will not be hitting germs.

(2) Make sure your glue is very hot so the glue will not dry after being applied.

(3)Cut the edges of the tool.

Tell me what you think below about this D.I.Y

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: NYX roll on shimmer

                     Review: NYX roll on shimmer


  • ·      High pigmentation
  • ·      Lovely colors
  • ·      Can be used on face, body, and hands
  • ·      Can be used as a highlighter, if bought in a neutral shade
  • ·      Roll on application( hence the name “roll on glitter”)
  • ·      Nice packaging


  • ·      Does not stay very long
  • ·      Rubs off quite easily, if applied luxuriously
  • ·      If washed off, leaves shimmer behind

Overall, I like this product, I would give it a 7/10. I do like the high pigmentation and the variety of pretty colors. I dislike how easily the color comes off and the shimmer it leaves behind. I would really not use this every day because at the end of the day it would just spread around and leaving a big mess. I would love to wear these lightly on special occasions or wear it full on for fun. I think this product is worth the investment to have a couple.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Product I have been loving: X out shine control

Hey guys! In the February glam bag, I got this new acne product called X out shine control which I love.

Let's get to the point: This tube is 0.75 fluid ounces and you can find it on  It comes out in one squeeze and is a white paste . It slides around just like germ-x on your hand. X out removes excess shine from your face and leaves it looking healthy and hydrated. Easy as that!

My discovery:

So I was watching Promise Phan on YouTube talk about the February glam bag. Then I scrolled to read  some of the comments and one piqued my interest.... It said if you remove the label of the tube, you will see it is a different product tube. It is called Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford: Deep cleansing mask, which is an anti-aging company. Now I am 14 and I do not use anti-aging products because well I don't need them...

There are 2 theories I have:

1. X out maybe did not want to make their own custom tubes so they bought them from Meaningful beauty.

2. X out might was created by Meaningful beauty.

Tell me what you think? Have you ever tried this product?

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