Friday, March 2, 2012

Product I have been loving: X out shine control

Hey guys! In the February glam bag, I got this new acne product called X out shine control which I love.

Let's get to the point: This tube is 0.75 fluid ounces and you can find it on  It comes out in one squeeze and is a white paste . It slides around just like germ-x on your hand. X out removes excess shine from your face and leaves it looking healthy and hydrated. Easy as that!

My discovery:

So I was watching Promise Phan on YouTube talk about the February glam bag. Then I scrolled to read  some of the comments and one piqued my interest.... It said if you remove the label of the tube, you will see it is a different product tube. It is called Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford: Deep cleansing mask, which is an anti-aging company. Now I am 14 and I do not use anti-aging products because well I don't need them...

There are 2 theories I have:

1. X out maybe did not want to make their own custom tubes so they bought them from Meaningful beauty.

2. X out might was created by Meaningful beauty.

Tell me what you think? Have you ever tried this product?

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