Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Post!

So today I am happy to say I will now be accepting guest posts! I really want to do a guest post on different beauty sites to get feed back on my writing! So I thought if I want to guest post on other peoples blogs, why not let people guest post on mine. I will now be accepting guest posts for Townhouse Palette. Townhouse Palette gets at most about +700 page views a month( I know it is not a lot, but a good progress). 

Here are some ideas:

  • Beauty product review
  • Beauty product smack down( product vs. product)
  • Hair tutorials
  • (I LOVE) DIY's
  • and anything else relating to beauty!

All posts should be emailed to 

All posts should be emailed, not in a word document. I really enjoy photos with the guest posts. 

This is for anyone who wants to try blogging or get more feedback of their posts.

All posts will get: 

  1. Their name
  2. Their photo
  3. Their bio
  4. a link to their blog or site
  5. link to their post in the sidebar on my blog
  6. If you want yourself as anonymous that is fine too! 

Some requirements:

  1. Need to be a member of Townhouse Palette
  2. If you are under 18, have parents permission 

That is about it! and wait also I have the right to edit your posts. I will chose one every month, if there is one.

Thank you guys for the 66 members, I am planning to do a giveaway at 100 members.



  1. Hey i'm checking out your blog, it's nice :)
    As you asked me i'm now following your blog, i hope you're going to follow mine since it's brand new *sigh
    It's nice that you're 13 and you're so into make up already, good job :)

    1. Thanks for following my blog, and checking it out:) In return ill become a member of your blog!



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