Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The messy fashionista

The messy fashionista

I have been thinking since summer is coming, why not create a lay-back look. I thinking hard about what to make because the templates were hard to work around. So, I made my own, which turned out very simple. First I have a sleeve-less, button down shirt which is perfect for hot summer days. Then a pair of normal denim shorts with some destruction. White sandals, simple yet chic. Also, some turquoise earnings for a pop-of color, which adds some fun. Then to top it all off a pair of white sunglasses, to add some class:) So that is it, tell me in the comments below if you like these kinds of articles. Happy blogging!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Claire's smokey eye palette!

Heyy guys! So I will be talking guessed it, the Claire's smokey eye palette. You probably know what store I am talking about. You know, the only place you can find hot dog earrings, small kitten key chains, and gummy bears wrapped into the same place.

First impressions: 

When I saw this I immediately thought of the two faced shadow kit because it had the random eye with properly done eye-shadow on the front(does that make sense?). Then when I opened it, I saw three beautiful dark eye-shadows, with two, double ended sponge applicators. I thought it was worth the investment for the $6.50. Then it got better it was on sale..on sale for only $4.00. So I bought it, aren't I the smart shopper:) Then I went home to test out the product and it was very well pigmented.

The actual product:

I really enjoyed making a smokey eye with this product. Though it had no written instructions, it was self explanatory with the picture on the front.  It is one of those palette where it is just enough. Continuing on, I really enjoy this product and If you are a beginner looking for some palettes, I suggest this. Short. Sweet. Simple!

Moon Dust, Twilight, and Black Out

Have ever bought make-up from Claire's? if yes, what? 


Saturday, May 12, 2012

My favorite Lip-Balms

Hey guys! Sorry I have not been gone for a while, but I promise I will try to post much more:) So today's post is about lip-balms, to be more specific, my favorites. I want to expand on more lip-balms than just EOS or Rosebud Salve. 

This is My Favorite Night Balm created by Co. Bigelow. You can purchase this from bath and body for $7.50. I purchased this only because I lost my Lip Quench, but I later found that... :I I put this on before bed, and when I wake up I have super smooth lips. The only problem is the proportion to price. This small tube, 0.34 fl oz, for the price when you can get a lip gloss for the same price that is 0.5 fl oz.

This lip-balm was $3.00, I think. This does not really moisturize your lips, but create a smooth surface on your lips. I do still use this like crazy, so I have like 1/4 of a inch left. I think I will use the rest to make a lip scrub. 

This is my favorite out of the 4. It is pink with some shimmer. It says it takes thin, dry lips and makes them fuller and smoother.  Which I feel it does! It sells for $12.00 online at Dermstore. I got this in my April Glambag though.

So finally, is of course Baby Lips by Maybeline. Mine is in Grape Vine.    I use this everyday before school. It is the my perfect lip color. This is $4.00 and comes in three other shades. I feel it kind of mouisturizes my lips, but the not fully. 

Sorry about the grey box:(

Tell me what your favorite lip-balms are in the comments below:)


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blog Hop:)


Heyy Guys! Sorry I have not posted in a while:( I have been very busy with school and such stuff. I have been very stressed out lately and my home is a mess....Now enough about ranting, lets get to business. I wanted to tell all of you fellow bloggers about the blog hop by BlogLoveTherapy. They are all about helping other fellow bloggers no matter what you blog about. Now you are probably going," Get to the point," well reader, I will get to the point. The blog hop is when other bloggers submit their blog to be read by all the members of BlogLoveTherapy. The main point of the hop is to meet new bloggers and share interests. Now I thought I would hand it over to the site because I stink at explaining stuff. 

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