Monday, June 18, 2012

ELF Giveaway!(RE-EDITED)

(Zoom in on the screen!)
Yes it is finally time, time to have a giveaway that is! Today you and one other may have a chance to win some prizes. Let us begin! This is my first giveaway, so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, but still giving away quality products. I am happy to say that I will be giving away some elf products!!!

* I just want to thank my 108 members for supporting me from December to today:) I really appreciated the nice comments and the questions you guys asked. This giveaway is me giving back to you, so please enter you may have a chance to win*


1.Make sure you have your parents permission because I would hate to give the prize to someone else if your parents say no.

2. You  must be living in the USA

3. Enter using the Rafflecopter

4. I am not responsible for any items lost or stolen in the mail


There will be two winners, each one will get two boxes seen above. I went on the Elf website to find colors, but these colors are not available meaning they are probably limited edition or not available anymore! 

*Each package will come with a Sultry n' Smokey box*

The Sultry n' Smokey box:

  1. One Elf eyelash curler
  2. One Elf Lengthening and Defining Mascara 
  3. One Elf Professional Eye Shadow Brush
  4. One Elf Brightening Eyeliner 
  5. One Elf Trio in Sultry n' Smokey

Package 1:

This package you will receive a Sultry 'n Smokey Eyes box(look above) and the Basic Quad Collection Eyes box .


  1. Four Elf Eye Shadow Duos( I do not know the names, but much more vibrant in reality)
  2. One Double Sided Elf Professional Eye Shadow Brush with Elf's  Eye Brightening Liner(Great for on the go!)  

Package 2:
This Package includes the Eyes Sultry n' Smokey Kit( look above ) and Lips Glossy Collection.

Picture one, from left to right.



  1. Five Elf Super Glossy Lip Shines in order of picture one above..

  • Houston
  • New York City
  • Wild 
  • Perfect Pink 
  • Los Angeles
* These lip glosses are much more vibrant in reality*

*** P.S I did open the boxes to take pictures of the products because the flim made it hard to take pictures.I did not use any of the products or test them, they are all brand new.***

If you have any questions feel free and please do not hesitate to
send me a message via comments or email:)


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glitter Gloss Nails!(yeah! why not)

Long time no see everyone! Sorry it has been such a long time, I have been experimenting with new blog designs! I have to say I do miss my old design already:( Today I have a nail design for you that is quiet lovely. I got the idea from Bubz Beauty, here is the link.

First start with a clean nail, I am using some natural nails from Claires. If you are doing it on your normal nail add a base coat.

This is optional, but I used a very sheer light pink to get a flesh tone kind of base. ( Glass Pink from Sinful Colors)

Then taking a makeup sponge, using a turquoise on the greener side.  Use the sponge to apply the nail polish in a gradient effect.( Rise and Shine from Sinful Colors) 

While doing the effect concentrate more polish on the tips.

This is how it should look:)

You can add more polish to the tips to fill in any white spots.

Then taking a dark green glitter polish, do the same  technique   as before. ( Rise and Shine from Sinful Colors)

Same way as before...blah...blah..blah 
Fix it up with some polish

Then taking a white iridescent glitter polish, paint two coats over the nail.(Hallucinate from Wet'n'Wild Wild Shine)
Finally add a silver glitter polish over the nail (Queen of Beauty from Sinful Colors)
Then add some gems, then seal them with some more glitter polish.
Then Viola! 

Fun nails to wear for the summer:)

 In the comments, tell me if you would like more nail tutorials     and if you like my blog's face lift. 


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Different Concealers and Primers!

Heyy guys:) So have you ever walked into the make-up isle and found your concealer; but then you see those strange colors like blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow? Then you have the same problem searching for a primer because there are so many colors. Well today I am gonna share what each of these colors do for your complexion.

As I was doing some research, I found articles about these concealers, but they got too confusing. So, I am gonna give you the information short, sweet, and simple!

These colors work by balancing out the other colors you are trying to hid.

These  colors are very common among concealer shades and face primers

Green is used to neutralize redness on the face like zits, rosacea, red blotches, and anything red on your body.  I would recommend a green primer if you have a lot of redness on your face, and green concealer for blemishes or extra coverage.

This is for ladies with yellow toned skin(peaches, pale pinks, and bronzes).  This helps balance out sallow complexions. (Now your asking what a sallow complexion is, well I am going to give an example it because I do not know how to describe it. You know when someone who wears makeup everyday, a full face to be exact. When you see them again without makeup the color of their skin tends to washed out and not as vibrant as before with foundation. That is a sallow complexion.) It also helps diminish dark under-eye circles and spots on bronze skin colors.

Yellow/ Apricot:
This is used to hid purple and red/pinks color on the face such as bruises and veins. This is also used for under-eye circles. This also warms up your complexion on days when you are not feeling well.

Some other random colors that pop-up :

This is used to hid blue colors on the face such as bruises and veins. This is also used for under-eye circles.( does not come in a primer)

This color is used to even out skin colors. For example lets say you mess up your spray tan and now you like chocolate cow.....*cough*....*cough*...joke. This helps reduce your color mutation;)

Thats about it for major concealers out there! 

Tell me in the comments what your favorite concealer is:)


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