Saturday, June 2, 2012

Different Concealers and Primers!

Heyy guys:) So have you ever walked into the make-up isle and found your concealer; but then you see those strange colors like blue, green, purple, orange, and yellow? Then you have the same problem searching for a primer because there are so many colors. Well today I am gonna share what each of these colors do for your complexion.

As I was doing some research, I found articles about these concealers, but they got too confusing. So, I am gonna give you the information short, sweet, and simple!

These colors work by balancing out the other colors you are trying to hid.

These  colors are very common among concealer shades and face primers

Green is used to neutralize redness on the face like zits, rosacea, red blotches, and anything red on your body.  I would recommend a green primer if you have a lot of redness on your face, and green concealer for blemishes or extra coverage.

This is for ladies with yellow toned skin(peaches, pale pinks, and bronzes).  This helps balance out sallow complexions. (Now your asking what a sallow complexion is, well I am going to give an example it because I do not know how to describe it. You know when someone who wears makeup everyday, a full face to be exact. When you see them again without makeup the color of their skin tends to washed out and not as vibrant as before with foundation. That is a sallow complexion.) It also helps diminish dark under-eye circles and spots on bronze skin colors.

Yellow/ Apricot:
This is used to hid purple and red/pinks color on the face such as bruises and veins. This is also used for under-eye circles. This also warms up your complexion on days when you are not feeling well.

Some other random colors that pop-up :

This is used to hid blue colors on the face such as bruises and veins. This is also used for under-eye circles.( does not come in a primer)

This color is used to even out skin colors. For example lets say you mess up your spray tan and now you like chocolate cow.....*cough*....*cough*...joke. This helps reduce your color mutation;)

Thats about it for major concealers out there! 

Tell me in the comments what your favorite concealer is:)



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  1. Great post, the bit about the chocolate cow made me laugh so much people asked me if I was ok!


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