Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glitter Gloss Nails!(yeah! why not)

Long time no see everyone! Sorry it has been such a long time, I have been experimenting with new blog designs! I have to say I do miss my old design already:( Today I have a nail design for you that is quiet lovely. I got the idea from Bubz Beauty, here is the link.

First start with a clean nail, I am using some natural nails from Claires. If you are doing it on your normal nail add a base coat.

This is optional, but I used a very sheer light pink to get a flesh tone kind of base. ( Glass Pink from Sinful Colors)

Then taking a makeup sponge, using a turquoise on the greener side.  Use the sponge to apply the nail polish in a gradient effect.( Rise and Shine from Sinful Colors) 

While doing the effect concentrate more polish on the tips.

This is how it should look:)

You can add more polish to the tips to fill in any white spots.

Then taking a dark green glitter polish, do the same  technique   as before. ( Rise and Shine from Sinful Colors)

Same way as before...blah...blah..blah 
Fix it up with some polish

Then taking a white iridescent glitter polish, paint two coats over the nail.(Hallucinate from Wet'n'Wild Wild Shine)
Finally add a silver glitter polish over the nail (Queen of Beauty from Sinful Colors)
Then add some gems, then seal them with some more glitter polish.
Then Viola! 

Fun nails to wear for the summer:)

 In the comments, tell me if you would like more nail tutorials     and if you like my blog's face lift. 



  1. This is so cool! I found you o bloghop! Love your blog..

  2. I like this alot, great color!!!

  3. It looks great.
    I like Bubz Beauty videos.
    I shall try this :D

  4. Your nails look lovely-I'm liking the glitter :)

    Tanesha x


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