Sunday, July 29, 2012

Affiliates (Part 2)

, if you don't know part one here is the link{click me}. Now for the fun part. I am introducing affiliates on my blog. Becoming an affiliate can help gain followers, page views, and hopefully help you learn about new blogs. I will have my stats up after this post, so you can see if you want to be an affiliate with me. Anyways, here are the requirements...


Only blogs, no stores! Your blog must be related to beauty,fashion, or life. 

Note: Any blog with inappropriate titles or content will not be accepted


In order to be an affiliate you have to have at least 25 followers


You have to have a button on your blog( If you want to know how to make a blog button click the link above). If you are having trouble making a button, I will make one for you! FOR FREE! Just email me if you would like one. If the button is too big I will re-size it  to fit the sidebar.


I will try to rotate the banners once a month. If there is a high demand and you would like your blog featured again, then email me. I will try put it up next or after the other bloggers. All months are open starting today. Email me if you want to become affiliates.

What you have to do:

In the sidebar, I have my button. Just copy the code and add it to the sidebar of  your blog. Simple!


It's free

This is a super-duper easy way to get new people to read your blog. There is really no catch, I am not trying to trick anybody. It is just too simple! My email is in the sidebar and if you have any concerns or questions email me or just leave a comment. Happy blogging:)

My Button:

Manic Mother



Friday, July 27, 2012

What is an affiliate & How to create a button part 1

When I blog, I usually hope to help people with any of their beauty,fashion, or maybe even personal problems. I'm fourteen,but age is but a number, and I still have a long way to go with beauty and fashion because I am not an expert. My goal is not make a whole load of money or to become famous, but to get my message of beauty and fashion across a whole large number of an audience, help others, and inspire many people to come.

So in all seriousness, you probably wondering what is going on....

Well readers, today is the start of something new! I am starting blog affiliations. This just a fancy name for a banner swap(explained more in part 2). Banner swaps are a lot of fun, but I am having some trouble explaining so I made this cartoon:D

* A difference between a sponsor and affiliate is payment*

          Sponsor: Someone who pays to advertise on someone's site 

Affiliates: Someone who gets paid little money or nothing at all for views on their page  

Now how to put the banner on your site:                              

Then Vola! You have a new banner for your page.

So I hope you know the difference between a sponsor/afilliate and how to put a banner on your site.

Now, You need the html for your button:

First create your button

you can use paint, gip, or whatever

The normal size is...

You can do any size, just keep it reasonable

Now the important part:

Your going to need to upload your image to an image sharing site, I use Photobucket. It's free and super easy to create an account.

Now the html

"<center><div align="center"> <a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Manic Mother" src=""/></a> <center></div> <div align="center"> <form><textarea rows="6" cols="20"><center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Manic Mother" src=""/></a></center></textarea></form> </div>"

The Yellow highlighted area is where you put the direct link we copied from photobucket. Then the  Blue highlighted is where you put your site url.

Then after you apply you should have something like this...

That is just a picture, but your box will be the real thing, trust me. 

So that is how to create a button and what an affiliate is. I am going to continue this post in part 2, but this is all for now. If you have any questions to ask, don't be afraid to ask:) Till we meet again  fellow bloggers and readers.


Monday, July 23, 2012

TAG: About me

Hey guys! Instead of doing my normal fashion and make-up post, I thought why not do a tag:) I am going to do the about me tag from Totally Neevie
I am gonna change the rules by tagging 5 people. Oh, also I did add some questions and change some. Answer whatever you like:3 Don't forget to leave a link to the person who tagged you if you do this, for your blogs:)

Here it goes:

Me: Laila

Nicknames: none

Birthday: 20th February 

Age: 14

Place of Birth: United States, I am not getting deeper than that....

Zodiac Sign: Pieces 

Male or Female: Female

Occupation: Raddish farmer

Residence: United States

Screen Name: Laila??


Hair Colour: Dark brown in the sun, but black to eye

Hair Length: Up to my hips

Eye colour: brown

Best Feature: Eyes 

Height: 5ft 1 inch

Braces?: No

Glasses?: yup

Piercing: earnings, 1 time only though.

Tattoos: Im 14......

Righty or Lefty: Right


Movie: spirited away and howls moving castle

TV Show: iCarly

Anime: Clannad<3

Colours: peach....for now

Song: It Hurts cover by Moa, originally by 2ne1

Candy: Haribro Gummi

Restaurant: Red Lobster

Store: Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Mallys 

School: Mrs. Puffs Boating school....jk

Book: Persepolis

Manga:Fruits Basket, Maid-Sama, bleach, FT, you know the normal

Magazine: Instyle

Shoes: My Steve Madden Sandals


Feeling: Sleepy

Eating: Nothing

Typing: This

Online: On youtube

Listening To: It hurts cover by Moa 

Thinking About: When to go to bed

Wanting: Food

Watching: My computer screen

Wearing: Shalvar Kameez 


Careers in Mind: Doctor

Where do you want to live: LA, Tokyo, anywhere with adventure

Have you ever:

Ran Away From Home: attempt, when I was 6

Broken a bone: No

Got an X-ray: no

Cried When Someone Died: no

Cried At School: yes


Kassica [at] KassicaLife 

Kerri [at] The Ugly Moments

Stephanie [at] Stephoosh

Lindsay [at] BeautyBaby44

Minharu Julie [at] Ciachiaa

And anyone else who wants to do it:)  I would love to read some of the answers you guys have...not in a weird way.0.0. I hope you guys have fun with it. 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish

Today I am reviewing the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish and this retails for $20.00 for .15 oz(the picture above is only .7 oz!) I got this in my glam-bag for the month of July. 

This color is called April and it is a bit of a frosty pink with silver and fuchsia shimmer. It is quiet pretty and is somewhat true to color. I really like the packaging and how the gloss is able to easily stand on its own. It uses a doberman applicator( yes, that is what the applicator is called) 


Since this is a Buxom Lip gloss, they are not only glosses,but plumpers! Usally when you think of plumpers everyone is likePucca Smiley, because they tend to sting. When I think of plumpers I think of TooFaced Lip Injection. That thing stings a lot!  Anyways, I really like Buxom as a plumper way better because all it does is tingle your lip and does make your lips more plump!

Final Opinion: I recommend this lip-gloss only because how it is able to plump your lips without a single sting. They come in more lovely shades. For the girl on a budget, these do come on sale I believe at half price. Which I think is a great deal. Overall, I think this lip-gloss is nice, but nothing too wow about it.

P.S- Sephora is having sale on the Buxom Lip tint in Cherry here is the link.

In the comments tell me what you think about me new layout ( I want honest opinions)
and tell the worst lip plumper you ever tried:)



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tips on how to clean/dry your makeup brushes!

Image from google
Did you know one of the worst, un-hygienic make-up habit is not cleaning your make-up brushes!? Yes it is, but if you do clean your brushes are you cleaning them right? Today I am give you some hints on how to do it properly on my past experiences.


Sometimes when you cleanse your brushes with oil the oil actually sticks to the bristles of the brush even after you wash it. Then it turns the tips of your brush very oily and it is hard to reverse. You are just picking up more dirt and germs due to the oil... and its a me it is a total disaster.    


Do you remember the barbie head? It was a toy were you could do her hair. Then you bought out a curling iron because you thought you could make her pretty. Then right when you clipped her hair and curled it, the luscious locks melted onto the iron. Yes that is what can happen with your brushes because your brushes are made form synthetic fibers that burn, melt, and harden if heated to much. Leave the dryer for your hair, unless you want some crispy brushes.


The best way to get perfect brand new brushes, is drying them properly. One mistake we all make is flopping them on a paper-towel in the bathroom when we are done cleaning them. They are more likely to expand out and have flyways,  just like your hair, if left alone. Using a brush guard can help, they are cheap and help keep a nice shape. Sigma also sells a brush case called shape'n dry for your brushes. Can be a little pricey though at $30 though. How they work is when your done cleaning your brush heads, put the brush head on and put head down so the water can leak out. Michelle Phan taught me that:)

I hope all of these tips come in handy:)

What tips do you use while cleaning your brushes, and do you have a blog?
Tell me in the comments below.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

AQUATAENIA mermaid palette from Lime Crime

Today's fun topic is Lime Crime's newest palette AQUATAENIA! Now I have been a fan of Lime Crime make-up for quite some time. I think their palettes and items are just eye-candy to look at! It has some amazing packaging and pay-off is supposed to be amazing! They make fantasy like make-up, not your normal colors of brown and pink, its hard-core color. 

Before going more in-depth with these products, I will give you some background. Lime was created by Doe Deere. There mission was to  fashion-forward shades and unmatched color payoff, so you may
create looks as vivid and unique as you are(Lime Crime website.

The palette comes with five different colors  loaded with shimmer and glitter to create new looks.
With the help of the Lime Crime shadow helper, you can use the shadows to create vivid looks. Costs $34.00! Which is a lot of money, but is it worth it?

Nautilus Prime – blurple (shimmer/sparkle)

Coral of the Story – true coral (shimmer/sparkle)
Seahorse Discourse – tropical green (shimmer/sparkle)
Pearl-ple – pearlescent lilac (shimmer/sparkle)
Atlanteal – seafoam blue/green (shimmer/sparkle)

You can find more information on the lime crime website

*I will be announcing the winners to my giveaway in my next post*

What do think about the palette? Tell me in the comments below
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