Sunday, July 29, 2012

Affiliates (Part 2)

, if you don't know part one here is the link{click me}. Now for the fun part. I am introducing affiliates on my blog. Becoming an affiliate can help gain followers, page views, and hopefully help you learn about new blogs. I will have my stats up after this post, so you can see if you want to be an affiliate with me. Anyways, here are the requirements...


Only blogs, no stores! Your blog must be related to beauty,fashion, or life. 

Note: Any blog with inappropriate titles or content will not be accepted


In order to be an affiliate you have to have at least 25 followers


You have to have a button on your blog( If you want to know how to make a blog button click the link above). If you are having trouble making a button, I will make one for you! FOR FREE! Just email me if you would like one. If the button is too big I will re-size it  to fit the sidebar.


I will try to rotate the banners once a month. If there is a high demand and you would like your blog featured again, then email me. I will try put it up next or after the other bloggers. All months are open starting today. Email me if you want to become affiliates.

What you have to do:

In the sidebar, I have my button. Just copy the code and add it to the sidebar of  your blog. Simple!


It's free

This is a super-duper easy way to get new people to read your blog. There is really no catch, I am not trying to trick anybody. It is just too simple! My email is in the sidebar and if you have any concerns or questions email me or just leave a comment. Happy blogging:)

My Button:

Manic Mother



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