Monday, July 23, 2012

TAG: About me

Hey guys! Instead of doing my normal fashion and make-up post, I thought why not do a tag:) I am going to do the about me tag from Totally Neevie
I am gonna change the rules by tagging 5 people. Oh, also I did add some questions and change some. Answer whatever you like:3 Don't forget to leave a link to the person who tagged you if you do this, for your blogs:)

Here it goes:

Me: Laila

Nicknames: none

Birthday: 20th February 

Age: 14

Place of Birth: United States, I am not getting deeper than that....

Zodiac Sign: Pieces 

Male or Female: Female

Occupation: Raddish farmer

Residence: United States

Screen Name: Laila??


Hair Colour: Dark brown in the sun, but black to eye

Hair Length: Up to my hips

Eye colour: brown

Best Feature: Eyes 

Height: 5ft 1 inch

Braces?: No

Glasses?: yup

Piercing: earnings, 1 time only though.

Tattoos: Im 14......

Righty or Lefty: Right


Movie: spirited away and howls moving castle

TV Show: iCarly

Anime: Clannad<3

Colours: peach....for now

Song: It Hurts cover by Moa, originally by 2ne1

Candy: Haribro Gummi

Restaurant: Red Lobster

Store: Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Mallys 

School: Mrs. Puffs Boating school....jk

Book: Persepolis

Manga:Fruits Basket, Maid-Sama, bleach, FT, you know the normal

Magazine: Instyle

Shoes: My Steve Madden Sandals


Feeling: Sleepy

Eating: Nothing

Typing: This

Online: On youtube

Listening To: It hurts cover by Moa 

Thinking About: When to go to bed

Wanting: Food

Watching: My computer screen

Wearing: Shalvar Kameez 


Careers in Mind: Doctor

Where do you want to live: LA, Tokyo, anywhere with adventure

Have you ever:

Ran Away From Home: attempt, when I was 6

Broken a bone: No

Got an X-ray: no

Cried When Someone Died: no

Cried At School: yes


Kassica [at] KassicaLife 

Kerri [at] The Ugly Moments

Stephanie [at] Stephoosh

Lindsay [at] BeautyBaby44

Minharu Julie [at] Ciachiaa

And anyone else who wants to do it:)  I would love to read some of the answers you guys have...not in a weird way.0.0. I hope you guys have fun with it. 



  1. Oh, I like this kinds of posts, nice knowing you a little bit better =)
    - Che

  2. @Chezka

    Thank you:)



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