Sunday, September 30, 2012

Help find a cure by buying makeup

Hello:) Today I will be telling you about the Ulta catalog this month. It has a very special meaning because this month they are helping spread awareness on breast cancer. You can easily spread awareness by  actually buying pink items reminding you about the struggles of breast cancer. 

If you don't get the Ulta catalog in the mail, you can also find on the website, but I though I would show you some good deals you can get using some of the tips I give you. 

You can donate one dollar for a bag worth over $500 dollars, but you don't need to donate to register, it still would be good though. Donate five dollars for a tumblr and tote, or ten dollars for an umbrella. You also come in and get a free shampoo and cut  which is awesome.

Orly did the cutest thing ever by putting little breast cancer awareness charms on the polishes which is so cute. You can also buy two and get one free of nail polish including China Glaze, Orly, and Piggy Polish. The free items can be equal or less than what you purchase, so keep that in mind.

Next, is this travel size version Laura Geller collection which is a great deal for high-end items(travel size) items for only twenty dollars.

There is an awesome Chi flat iron on sale which designed for breast cancer awareness! If you are looking for a flat iron to make your hair really straight then you should check out chi products. 

The last thing that caught my eye was these Bed Head products because I thought the packaging was amazing.

Finally, I created this breast cancer awareness button. That I would love everyone to put on their blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. To help raise awareness of breast cancer. This button will expire by the end of this month, so put it up.  Cancer effects thousands of people each day, and with everything we do on a regular basis, we forget about the struggle of people who do have cancer. So, count your blessing and remember to be thankful. Help raise awareness of breast cancer....

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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Okay, so I know it has been a long time since I updated because I am so darn picky about my blog layout:) Lol, okay so am a procrastinator, but I need help with my problem, its such a sad story ......  Other than that, I thought I would write my first personal post. 

As some of you probably know, I am a freshmen in high school. Which actually translate into fresh meat for all the gorillas prowling around in the hallway. Everyday I would get squished in the hallway by senior fat Albert and tough toothpick. I was always late because of it and always told myself I would try harder, but being the lazy girl I am it did not happen. I knew it was time to change I knew I need to prepare by doing my worst enemy the SCHEDULE. I spent a couple minutes creating a schedule,but after a while I realized I was back watching a bunch of girls singing about taxis and owls hooting. So it did not work out....I dropped the idea and moved on. I then realized I need to get my life back on track , but even if I tried I would be hit by the thomas....if you know what I am saying. Which is hard to believe how much I left myself go....I knew I want to make friends , ok I have no clue where that came from.....I am a very confused person. 

I am thinking to redo my room again because it sucks right now because I don't like it at all. I need help so that's why I decided to ask for your help. Give me some advice from your freshman year. Please I am desperate......ok jk..jk.....I need a little, a small amount though. 

I have been reading up on some blogs lately I have loads of favorites, but I love Tsukari and Xiaxue because they are awesome and so much fun to read. Did you that Wendy(Xiaxue) is SINGAPORE'S BEST BLOGGER, her blog gets up to one million hits a week which is amazing, I love style she is also the queen of fake eyelashes. She is pregnant with a baby, she should name her Laila, if it is a girl(JK). I think she is so cool and she works very hard, I would love to meet her one day. My favorite video is when she was Disney princess with Michelle! I love Tsukari because her blog is so cute and she did the HTML OF HER ENTIRE WEBSITE! Pretty impressive for a sixteen year old and she has the cutest emoticons.  I also like..... well idk, I have been reading blogs lately instead of watching videos because I want to learn about the community as much as I can. I think reading blogs makes me feel much more intelligent than watching a video:P I also feel that YouTube has a hard marketing where as the more famous channels get more views and the other newbies are desperately getting subbies by says giveaway at 1,000, 500, 300, and even 100. When I first started watching macbarbie her first giveaway was at 6,500!  
I am actually trying to become a better person overall like Bubz! Oooo... I know this off topic, but I have been reading this blog called Chocolawty, it is about healty desserts...LEGIT. I think it is great how hard she works. I also miss Kassica:( She has not updated her blog in days( but I have not in months...cough...cough). I really like her blog very interesting and she is the first friend I made blogging:), I also like the Peach Closet. Seems like I spend too much on this blog. 

I feel like I am at my lowest point because I feel back on my arabic reading lessons, my Japanese my school work and I am just tired. I am not depressed though...... I feel as if I don't want to do anything. I am hopping to change my room around and get a bigger desk and do some more make-up reviews. I have been realizing that I want a load of things like MAC products and Juicy, but it is not what will make me happy for a long time. There is something I want and I feel it when I talk about,(LOL), but I wish I could layback forget about  everything and watch movies the whole day...haaaaaaaa, I know one day I could just stand on a cliff, put my arms out like Celine Dion and stare off into the horizon . I hate to say it, but I am not doing my best and not succeeding because there is fear in the way of everything perfection, but it is out of reach. Anyways, I have a feeling what I want is something higher than grades, or materials, more like true happiness.  

Anyways, I love you all, and have an awesome rest of Thursday and Friday:)  

Till we meet again


  P.S I really did not edit this because I was really speaking through my blog for once. I would go back and edit my mistakes, but this post is supposed to be layback and an update.

P.S.S Sorry I jump around to much....Hope you still enjoy my life...?

P.S.S.S- Sorry of this is too corny

P.S.S.S.S-Sorry for saying sorry to much

P.S.S.S.S.S- Ok that is enough;)


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Nail-Polish guide

Hi everyone,

Today, I will be discussing my choices for fall nail polishes. So without a further-a-do lets begin!

I absolutely love this polish with a burning passion.My sister bought it home from collage this year and at first I thought it was ugly, but after applying it.  It was just spectacular:) The pic above has one thin coat, but with a few it will look smooth and shiny. This color is actually grey mixed with some red. I highly recommend this for fall.

This is a very pretty purple I like using as a top coat over a matte color or by- itself. It is a purple metallic color with some green/peach iridescent shimmer. I like it it is nice for the fall going into winter months.

Now this polish is versatile as the one before. It comes out as a fuchsia with a hint of red. It is not very opaque, but after a few coats the color shows. 

 Next is another Sinful Colors, which is just a normal purple nail polish with small sliver sparkles. I like it, but it is not my favorite for fall. I do love the name though:) I love you....I love you...ooouuuu....I love you everyday, don't get away...take me away:) Tell me what song this is in the comments below.

Now every person needs an orange polish for fall, right? This is a more fall one with a more dark, translucent color. I think it is pretty good.


I really like this tan, metallic color. I think I will reach for this color more this month because I think it is very nice. This is also one of the older Zoya nail-polishes. This polish has a perk for having mixing balls in it.

Now every girl needs a black nail polish for fall. I decided to go with this one with sliver sparkles in it which I think is very cute:)

This my favorite polsih of 2012 for fall, hands down. I love this because it is a tan shade with a pink shimmer that reflects light. I love it so much:)

Don't forget to tell what is the song I am singing in the comments below?

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