Sunday, September 30, 2012

Help find a cure by buying makeup

Hello:) Today I will be telling you about the Ulta catalog this month. It has a very special meaning because this month they are helping spread awareness on breast cancer. You can easily spread awareness by  actually buying pink items reminding you about the struggles of breast cancer. 

If you don't get the Ulta catalog in the mail, you can also find on the website, but I though I would show you some good deals you can get using some of the tips I give you. 

You can donate one dollar for a bag worth over $500 dollars, but you don't need to donate to register, it still would be good though. Donate five dollars for a tumblr and tote, or ten dollars for an umbrella. You also come in and get a free shampoo and cut  which is awesome.

Orly did the cutest thing ever by putting little breast cancer awareness charms on the polishes which is so cute. You can also buy two and get one free of nail polish including China Glaze, Orly, and Piggy Polish. The free items can be equal or less than what you purchase, so keep that in mind.

Next, is this travel size version Laura Geller collection which is a great deal for high-end items(travel size) items for only twenty dollars.

There is an awesome Chi flat iron on sale which designed for breast cancer awareness! If you are looking for a flat iron to make your hair really straight then you should check out chi products. 

The last thing that caught my eye was these Bed Head products because I thought the packaging was amazing.

Finally, I created this breast cancer awareness button. That I would love everyone to put on their blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. To help raise awareness of breast cancer. This button will expire by the end of this month, so put it up.  Cancer effects thousands of people each day, and with everything we do on a regular basis, we forget about the struggle of people who do have cancer. So, count your blessing and remember to be thankful. Help raise awareness of breast cancer....

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