Sunday, October 28, 2012

My thoughts, advice, and Blog hops?

Eid Mubarak to everyone around the world! I hope you had a fun Eid, filled with memories:) Today, will not be any special post. I thought, why not share some things I have been thinking about lately. 

First off, I am having problems with my lighting in my room for my photos. If you guys have any suggestions on lighting please tell me. I would love to know:)

I have been wondering what kind of posts to put up so here are some options and links to their pages:

  1. Review: Maybeline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation 
  2. Review: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ Foundation
  3. Review: NYC Skin Perfection Primer
  4. Nails: Halloween
  5. Tag: I love Fall tag
  6. Skincare Routine
  7. Birthday Wishlist 2012
  8. Shout Out #2
Then finally, I was inspired by I AM PISCES to do my own blog hop! I don't know if I should, but I would your advice. I was thinking a blog hop for people twenty-five and under because I find it so hard to find bloggers around my age. I think I am on the right track, but I still could use some assistance. 

Thanks for reading:)





Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whats on my Android Phone?

Hello everyone, today I will be doing the Whats on my Android Tag. Basically, it is the YouTube tag in blog form. So, I basically put yards worth of blood and sweat(no tears, I am a big girl) in this for your five minutes of enjoyment! I WANT EVERYONE READING THIS BLOG TO DO THIS, EVEN IF YOUR PHONE IS NOT AN ANDROID! I basically used any things in the bars to make my text stand out, so let us begin:)

This is my beat-up old Android. It is an HTC INSPIRE 4G, from At&t. Wait for was free!

I have a basic lock screen from Go Locker. I will explain about Go locker a little later.

This is the home page of my phone. The program is not HTC Sense, it is actually called Go Launcher Ex, and it is free. Again, I will explain more later. Anyway, this page has a clock at the top, then some apps at the bottom.

I just have some basic apps l like the ones above.

The first row are a phone button, contacts, app menu, messaging, and internet. (left-right). Then buttons on the phone.

Pinch to have all the pages in view. A cool thing about Go launcher is that you can any number of pages you want and set your home page. The very first page we will see is the one I have my thumb on.

This is my smart page:D

At the top, I keep notepads. IDK why I have them....

Dictionary: When I question my vocabulary. Evernote: Like a electronic notebook. Japanese: Phrase book. Korean: Phrase book! Reader: Books.... Memory Trainer: I wanted a brain trainer like Luminosity...this was all, so what the heck. Adobe Reader: Opens documents on the go. Google Drive: Saves documents, like a portable jump drive.

This is Evernote, it is one of the editors best apps. I don't really like it ,but it makes me feel smarticle.

This is my Japanese Phrase book. It is very fun to learn from.

This is my Korean trainer, This is the word 'Hi,' in Korean, which means ahnyohng.

Here is the home screen for my memory trainer.

This widget, is were I can quickly view my messages. Yes, this is a message for using 65% percent -_-

Instagram: You figure it out. Skitch-Photoshop: Photo editing:)

ilikeweylie: She is so funny, she also has a YouTube and she is just awesome

This is my Instagram, home page. FOLLOW ME @ TOWNHOUSE PALETTE.  I thought I would show you  some of my photos.

Just two of my pictures from my album

Just some pre-loaded At&t apps.

Some music apps....I would die without pandora!

My games...hehheheeh

Just some useful tools:)

Some other tools. Google Goggles: This app is so cool, it makes me feel so spy like.

All you do is click, and you get to screen using your camera.

Put a readable object in the lenses.

It scans


In my case, an item from the brand

Next page!

Google search bar

My YouTube widget, I am subscribed to Trubeauty7

My twitter:) I am following Kandee Johnson

This is my twitter homepage:) If you have are a beauty blogger with a twitter, tell me in the comments so I can follow you:) I love getting to know you!


Some of my Instagram photos on twitter

Just someone I follow. Her name is Kari and she also has a blog called Mochakari. I talked about her in my update post.

ItsJudyTime's new baby girl!

Of course Michelle Phan!

Then Wendy, or Xiaxue! She is an awesome blogger:)

I follow Sarai, YAY for Sarai!

I also follow peach closet:) She has some awesome OOTDs


Eventhough the last time she tweeted was in 2010, I am still gonna follow because of Sone power!


I also follow Tiana, her blog is great!

Then QiuQiu, she has such a cute smile!

 Some GO stuff!

If you have any questions, ask in the comments below. I will be glad to answer.

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