Friday, December 28, 2012

Small Haul: Ulta, Target, and AE!

Today I have a tiny haul for you guys!

First are these American Eagle white skinny jeans. They were on sale for $29.00, which is fancy talk for thirty-dollars.

Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo/Conditioner: My hair has been falling out like crazyimage My hair has lost all thickness.What proof do I have? you might ask, well, the clumps of hair accumulating in my hairbrush everyday is pretty good proof, right? This shampoo claims to save you 1,000 strands of hair a month! Let's hope it works....fingers crossed image

The best for last.......


Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette: Now I am so excited to use thisimage This was $27.00 dollars, but I used an $7.00 gift card. So the finale cost was $20, YAY for gift cards !!! This better be worth the 20 bucks! If you want me to do a review, please leave a comment! I feel very lonely sometimes, I would love your questions, or a simple "hi.".....


Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Diary: where have I been? + New start


I hope you guys had a nice Christmas!

You guys have probably been wondering where I been for the past week! Well I have been working on this grand-spanking new blog design. I hope you guys like it, if you have any suggestions to make it better then please leave a comment! I would really appreciate it:)

Now, if you have been going through my old posts and noticed all the photos with minus  probably know that my photos have been deleted ;_; I don't have all the photos, but I will try to find them and re-upload them. I have new posts coming, and I really want to upload everyday. Which I will try to do, now that the world did not end.

That is why I did a new blog design, because I needed something new.

Now I will add some pictures of rings!

A new feature I have added to my blog is that you can scroll over images to get the real photo color:)

The best for last.....I PURCHASED TOWNHOUSE PALETTE. So now the url is instead of Yay!

I hope you have a good day:)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012


It has been long over due! Today is going to be about me getting braces, which stinks! Anyways I thought I would share some pictures of my lovely teeth. Before that, I have been swimming in I am swimming in an ocean of homework, some satistics......

Luckily, I was stuck with the best Bio teacher alive...image Anyways lets move on about my braces.

I went to the orthodontist for the first time ever in my entire life. I was very skeptical at first because this practice was not it's own building, but a suite in a building. It was very nicely decorated, with lights and everything. Then I had to go against my worst enemy.....stairs! It was only like 15 steps, no big deal, then I realized that there was an elevator. Next, my mom and I went down this shady hallway to find the suit. I opened the door.

It was so small, seriously I was like squished in with people. Then I went into this room where people took pictures of my teeth using a Nikon camera. I thought that was kind of queer...

Anyways then they gave me a picture of my teeth, and gave me the results, without a further a do here they are...

My smile, could be worse

Bottom of my mouth

Roof of my mouth

This is a picture I took of spacers. They hurt, but not that much 

I am actually scheduled to get braces tomorrow! It is really exciting because I am one step closer to straight teethimage

I'll keep you updated, I show you my braces in post probs tomorrow. I also have an exciting post review on the L'Oreal Hip Eyeshadows! 

Thanks for all the new affies, they have awesome blogs! Check them out:)



Saturday, December 8, 2012



Can you write me a post for free?

Where do you live? 

Are you serious?

Where are you from?

I was born American, but origin from Pakistan. My lineage dates back to Chinese and Persian. I am a product of the Mongol Empire, pretty cool! 

Do you get an allowance?


Are you an only child?

Nope, two older siblings, brother and sister:)

What camera do you use?

I used to use the Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH, but now I use the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Elph.

Do you speak any other langues?

English, Urdu/Punjab, and some conversational Japanese.

Beauty Profile:

Skin type: oily & combo...... Super dry in skin in dry areas:/

Hair type: Black, super long, naturally very loose curly/waves, and straightens out in a few days!

Skin color: Tan + Fair = Tair :D

Eye color: dark brown


Can you follow me? 

Sure, just ask I don't mind! I am an avid blog reader and love reading all blogs:)

Can you sponsor me?

Right now I working on improving my blog, eventually when my blog statistics improve, sure!

Can we see a picture of you?

Right now, no. Most likely in the future when my skin is clear or when I can edit in Photoshop like a pro XD

When did you start your blog?

December, 27 or 28, 2011

Can you follow my social media sites?

Yes, find my links in the sidebars

Banner swaps? 

Of Course!

*As of 4/30/2013, I will not be doing anymore banner swaps. I still linked all my swap buddies in the bottom of the sidebar.

*you can ask with identity or anonymously 


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Banner Swaps!

If any of you guys are interested in banner swaps, please add any of my banners to your blog. Then contact me at I will be happy yo add yours to the my sidebar of my blog. All blogs were be moderated for inapro-pro content. I will do max eight a month, if you want your banner for the next month, it will be put in the waiting list.

If you remove my banner from your blog, I have the right to remove your banner from my blog.

Feel free to email me, I promise I will not bite! Plus this will be a good opportunity to get more traffic to your blog. 


Manic Mother


Welcome to the Advertisement and Sponsor page for Townhouse Palette This page is here to help you decide whether or not top your banner under 'Lovely Sponsors' in the sidebar. If you are interested or just have questions please email lailapretty{at} With that being said, I hope you consider being a part of the Townhouse Palette family ( which is just me :/ ,for now ). 

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Need a banner?
If you need a banner, I will be happy to make you one for $5.00 (five dollars) using Photoshop  Email me for more information.

Previous Sponsors!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Hello! Today I will be talking about the Revlon Lip Butters. I will talk about packaging, the product, you know yadayadayada.....

The Revlon Lip Butters came out about about a year ago. The only reason I am just getting around to reviewing this now is because I was on the hunt of similar/comparable products. I found one called The Balm by L'Oreal. Sorry to say, I have not gotten around to trying it yet

Peach Parfait
Sweet Tart

(L-R) P.P to S.T

Revlon Claims and States:

" Buttery Balm + Shiny Color

- Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give

 you baby soft, healthy glowing lips.
  94% of women felt lips were softer,
smoother, and instantly hydrated."

*Retails for about 6-8 dollars*


The cover is a durable plastic that is sheer with a little frost. The cap actually correlates with the  color of the lip butter, which is a plus! The very top is a clear plastic, so you can see the actual color of the butter. This way you can find the color you are looking for, perfect for the ladies on the go. On 2 out of the 4 sides there is a crisscross texture which adds to the sleekness of the design. The actual tube of butter is reflexive metal which collects finger prints. A black base with the Revlon logo on 2 out of the 4 sides. Overall, very sleek.


The formula is very nice Very creamy butter! Has a nice color saturation. It is also very hydrating.

Sweet Tart: Vibrant hot pink in the tube, on your lips it is a little calmer.

Peach Parfait: My favorite out of the two because how well it goes with my skin tone. One reason I love this lip butter is because of sparkles. I hate it when I can feel the grittiness of my lip color because of the sparkles. I am happy to say I can not feel that at all with this lip color.

Sadly this item does not last for a long time, and needs to be reapplied. I also do not like how this lip butter melts, especially in the summer and on the sides of the tube. Finally, this lip butter only comes with 1.5 inches of product, which is not a lot to me. I would liked at least 2 inches.

Final verdict: 
I love these products I think these are a great alternative to lipsticks without sacrificing color. These little dolls have moisturizing properties for your lips which is great! I recommend:)

Now I am off to do homework.....Ha, I am such a procrastinator. Ill have new post up Tuesday about blog banner swaps. Follow me on twitter/instagram for instant updates

In the comments tell which is your favorite lip color and why you are not following me on twitter and instagram.

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