Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Lioele L'Cret Quick & Dry Coating Nail Strengthener

A few size comparisons:

I have decided to do an extremely short reviews because it saves time on mine and your part.

Price: $8.50
Brand: Lioele
Where to buy: Pretty & Cute

Today is going to be a review for a new nail strengthener I have been using, which I included in my Pretty & Cute Haul


The formula is pretty runny, with a pink translucent color. Dries quickly!

To be honest, I am a hardcore nail-biter. I know disgusting. I have pretty brittle nails, which are dried from the acetone. I have to say I have a bit of mixed feelings about this polish.  My nails are still bending as much as before (which I think is from my biting addiction), but they grew a lot from using this polish. They are still breaking and tearing, but growing. 

This polish also gives a really natural, shiny look if applied on bare nails. 

The smell of this polish is fruity accomplished the strong the 'nail polish scent.' If you are sensitive to the 'nail polish scent' then I suggest this polish. Don't get me wrong, you still smell the 'scent', but it simplified with the fruity smell. 

Overall: Rating :4.5/5

I deducted a .5 because my nails are still peeling from the sides, I wish this polish would fix that ;_;

Second look: Good strengthener polish for girls with semi-healthy nails. You know not too brittle and dry, just nails that need some attention. 

Re-purchase: Probably not... The only place I could buy this is online from pretty & cute. I think I will get the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails next because it is easier to find and cheaper.

Thanks for reading-xx

Whats your favorite nail strengthener or polishes?

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

5 reasons why you should follow me on bloglovin'


If you don't already know, but Google reader (the thing that displays all the blogs you follow when you log into blogger) is said to close down this July 1st, taking GFC with it as well -_-

Now that you know, you are probably on the borderline wondering whether should follow me on bloglovin'. WHY SHOULD YOU? You need valuable reasons to follow me, supported by facts. That is why I am writing this post...

Here we go, 5 reasons why you should follow Townhouse Palette on Bloglovin'

1) I am awesome: need for explanation

2) I support all blogs:

One thing people do when they come here is if I can follow their blog back? Sure because as a part of the blogging community, I should support other bloggers:)

3) I love to help you:

If you ask a question or need some help shoot me an email. I love hearing your thoughts and comments about posts and ideas. If you need help I would love to help you with anything and give you advice.

4)I will not spam your bloglovin':

I am trying to post frequently, but I am trying to even it all out.

5) I am pretty original:

I am not very mainstream person who is pretty relatable. I kind of live in the real life world, but also imagine being someone else. I am a little above average because I am pretty weird XD.  I do not look the prettiest, but I know I am really pretty on the inside which glows on the outside.

There you go, 5 reasons why you should follow me on bloglovin'. Although I was joking a lot through this post. I would really appreciate if you followed my blog:)


Follow on Bloglovin

Thanks for reading:)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

eShakti review


Hi guys!

Today, I have a review on the clothing company, eShakti!

Now for some info on this company :

eShakti is an online clothing shop located in India. They are very unique because customize your dress to your liking! Whether you like your dress long or short; cap-sleeves or long-sleeves you will get your dress the way you ordered it.

They have over two-hundred dresses, shirts, tops, and sweaters to choose from! I concluded that most pieces go for a more retro and classy look. If you like more of a polished looks, I defiantly suggest these clothes.

I dress i purchased was the Ruffled tiers chambray dress:

I customized the dress to be a just below the knee and with short-length sleeves. I think it looks very sophisticated and modest. The one thing I noticed about this dress is the obvious alterations to the bottom.  

You can see the first 3 tiers are ruched and the same length. Whereas the bottom tier is not ruched nor the same length as the rest. It is less noticeable when on , which I am cool with.

 I ordered this dress in an xtra-small because I am tiny, but this is too tight and hard to get into.

After struggling to put this dress on and off because of how tight it was. I realized the zipper on the side, which is great! I hope I could of found this earlier, but it blends in so well! 

Overall rating: 4.5/5 

I really liked the overall look of the dress! I think it is very sophisticated and fun to wear. The only problem I have is that most of the clothing pieces are very expensive! This dress was $60.00 dollars, but they have more expensive ones. Other than that, I am pleasedimage

Would I repurchase? Yes, but occasionally ^.^


The kind people at eShakti were also very kind to give me a code for you:

Gift Coupon Code: TWNHSEPLET15

Gift Coupon Value: $25

Gift Coupon Validity: March 30, 2013


Tell me in the comments what you think about eShakti?


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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Calling all Korean and Japanese skincare experts!!

I have always loved Korean and Japanese make-up like etude house, dolly wink, and etc. I have been wanting to try some skincare products as well. I have a mild case of acne, I used to have really bad skin three years ago. I know some skincare products can be expensive, but I would like to keep the budget under $50 dollars. I am willing to
extend it to the best of my ability. 

Here are my skin problems:

- combination oily (with FLAKES, from dehydration I

- very hairy..I cannot help it ( I tried threading, but I hate pain)

- huge, filled pores in my nose 

- redness ( just a touch can cause redness)

- tan skin

- tons of hyper-pigmentation

- dry lips 

- some acne bumps in the t zone (including sides of the nose)

- teen skin:)

It seems like I have a lot of problems, but I would like to clear
my acne for once. I would like sleeping pack, toners, cleanser, and etc.

products I am using now:

- tretinoin cream

- clairisonic plus ( lowest setting )

- neutrogena rapid clear toner

- philosophy breath face gel cream ( does not moisterize my face)

- generic ponds creme ( makes my face greasy)

- st-Ives face cleanser/ face scrub for fresh skin

Thanks for all the help, I am really thankful for all the comments:)

Monday, March 4, 2013

What I got for my birthday 2013!

This weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family and close relatives!

I would first like to thank all the wonderful people who wished me a happy birthday. I would also like to thank Karen, who was the first person who wished me a happy birthday before my birthday post was even up.

I have been waiting for my birthday since August, yeah…August. Even though it was so far away it was something I looked forward too.

It is Sunday today, and it is definitely a bittersweet feeling because yesterday is gone. The only reminiscence of the day was captured in photos, gifts I got, and what I remember.  I wish yesterday could come back and relive itself.  My relatives and I painted pictures as an arts and craft activity.  Made me realize how much I love paintingJ

Anyways, let me show you what I got for my birthday,

I got a lot of money and gift cards from my friends. 

An overview

I am very grateful for all the people who care about me enough to buy me gifts. Makes you think I am doing something rightimage

But seriously, I am thankful for an amazing family and friends who I would die for. 

I got this really cute pouch from my friend Reem. It is super cute and the one thing I love most about this pouch is the contrast of fabrics. 

She also gave a great smelling candle. Lilac is one of my favorite scents in the entire world. 

From my friend Husna, I got these Polaroid headphones in pink. I use headphones everyday when I am on the computer. I think these have a really good sound quality

From my sister I got this real techniques powder brush. It is gold and super soft. I am very excited to try it.

Too-faced lip pencil in Perfect Spice which is a really pretty dusty rose color!

Then from my mommy, I got Sprited Away on DVD!!! This is one of my favorite childhood movies and sooner or later I will collect all of them:)

No gamer could be complete with the nintendo 3DS! I would not learned about this new color without the help of  Chocosaur.

The last gift I received was a Rebecca Minkoff purse in grey from my dad. Can we just sit here and talk about this?  It pretty roomy and more spacious than I thought!

Well, that is it for now:) My blog hop is coming up quick!

btw- if you are coming from a blog hop and want me to follow back. I need you to comment on my posts, so I know:)

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