Sunday, March 17, 2013

Calling all Korean and Japanese skincare experts!!

I have always loved Korean and Japanese make-up like etude house, dolly wink, and etc. I have been wanting to try some skincare products as well. I have a mild case of acne, I used to have really bad skin three years ago. I know some skincare products can be expensive, but I would like to keep the budget under $50 dollars. I am willing to
extend it to the best of my ability. 

Here are my skin problems:

- combination oily (with FLAKES, from dehydration I

- very hairy..I cannot help it ( I tried threading, but I hate pain)

- huge, filled pores in my nose 

- redness ( just a touch can cause redness)

- tan skin

- tons of hyper-pigmentation

- dry lips 

- some acne bumps in the t zone (including sides of the nose)

- teen skin:)

It seems like I have a lot of problems, but I would like to clear
my acne for once. I would like sleeping pack, toners, cleanser, and etc.

products I am using now:

- tretinoin cream

- clairisonic plus ( lowest setting )

- neutrogena rapid clear toner

- philosophy breath face gel cream ( does not moisterize my face)

- generic ponds creme ( makes my face greasy)

- st-Ives face cleanser/ face scrub for fresh skin

Thanks for all the help, I am really thankful for all the comments:)


  1. Innisfree's Anti-Trouble BB Cream works pretty well, IMO. My only problem with it is that you tend to overapply, since you don't initially think that it's that pigmented. A little goes a long way, and although you can get away with apply with your fingers, I like using it with a stippling brush. It definitely makes me look slighter paler - I think the SPF is behind it, so if you're scared of it looking ashy on you (I'm a MAC NC25, just for reference), then I'd suggested mixing it with one of your current foundations. The smell is meh, but I frankly like it.

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