Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Lioele L'Cret Quick & Dry Coating Nail Strengthener

A few size comparisons:

I have decided to do an extremely short reviews because it saves time on mine and your part.

Price: $8.50
Brand: Lioele
Where to buy: Pretty & Cute

Today is going to be a review for a new nail strengthener I have been using, which I included in my Pretty & Cute Haul


The formula is pretty runny, with a pink translucent color. Dries quickly!

To be honest, I am a hardcore nail-biter. I know disgusting. I have pretty brittle nails, which are dried from the acetone. I have to say I have a bit of mixed feelings about this polish.  My nails are still bending as much as before (which I think is from my biting addiction), but they grew a lot from using this polish. They are still breaking and tearing, but growing. 

This polish also gives a really natural, shiny look if applied on bare nails. 

The smell of this polish is fruity accomplished the strong the 'nail polish scent.' If you are sensitive to the 'nail polish scent' then I suggest this polish. Don't get me wrong, you still smell the 'scent', but it simplified with the fruity smell. 

Overall: Rating :4.5/5

I deducted a .5 because my nails are still peeling from the sides, I wish this polish would fix that ;_;

Second look: Good strengthener polish for girls with semi-healthy nails. You know not too brittle and dry, just nails that need some attention. 

Re-purchase: Probably not... The only place I could buy this is online from pretty & cute. I think I will get the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails next because it is easier to find and cheaper.

Thanks for reading-xx

Whats your favorite nail strengthener or polishes?

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  1. This might be good for me.. I used to have very strong nails but they have started breaking recently ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀ .
    xo, Lara

    Ps. following you ٩(●̮̃•)۶

  2. Nice blog girl! X supongo estilo

  3. Pretty nail polish!<3

  4. Nice post! And a really pretty nail polish. :)
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