Friday, May 31, 2013

How to dress for the weather yet still look stylish!

Today, I have a special guest, Catherine doing a guest post. About   how to wear a dress in certain types of weather and still look stylish:) So Catherine , take it away!


As much as you want to don the latest party dresses in the winter months, it’s sometimes just too cold to wear bare legs and short sleeves. Although it’s getting a little warmer, the English weather remains unpredictable at the best of times with snow still falling across some parts of the country. One minute we may have sun and two days later, heavy showers and ferocious winds. With this in mind, it’s wise to have a number of outfits to turn to.

Invest in a smart winter jacket

Buying a warm yet smart jacket is a must, especially if you are the kind of fashionista that attends an array of parties, gallery openings and fine dining events. All of these events require certain dress etiquette, yet getting to and from the venue may be tricky without a coat. A knee length jacket is a great evening option as it will cover your entire outfit, protecting it from harsh rain or snow. A longer jacket is always more versatile than it’s shorter cousin as shorter styles tend to go with less and must be matched to specific outfits to avoid unsightly colour clashes.

Buy a hat

Sometimes the wind is just too ferocious to hold an umbrella in place, which means keeping your locks looking gorgeous may become a major issue. Investing in a cutesy hat will solve this problem; simply pop it in your bag when you get to your destination. Accessorise wisely Tights are having a little fashion moment at present which comes as great news to those that often choose dresses over trousers. Investing in a few statement pairs will add an instant edge to an otherwise low-key outfit whilst keeping your legs warm.You don’t have to go for the plain skin coloured or black varieties either, patterned and colourful options are proving popular so why not select something a little more outlandish?

Opting for a dress with long sleeves is another way to brave the cold whilst still appearing stylish. Dresses with sleeves not only look elegant, but they are also suited to a variety of occasions and are great if the British weather is refusing to play ball. Available with a range of skirt lengths and necklines, you’re sure to find something you like.


Thank you, Catherine for the lovely article! It was very informative and helpful. I like the idea to get a knee length jacket.  Till next time:)

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Etude House Aloe Moistfull (essence, soothing creme, soothing gel)


Hello Loves 

Today I will be doing my second review on my items I got from Kocomall. These items are the Etude House: Aloe Moistfull items.  I have had a pretty busy week, but my first year of high school is almost over! It is kind of sad, but I am very excited for the summer because that means more posts.

First Essence: This product is in between of  a gel and liquid form, so it is not going to completely slide of your hand. If you confused on what an essence is click here, and scroll down to essence. It absorbs really well into my skin and is very nice.

overall: 4/5

Soothing creme: It absorbs pretty well and I really like the affect it has on my skin.  Has a texture of light lotion, very nice.

overall: 4.5/5

Soothing Gel: My favorite product in the entire group has a gel texture. Takes a few minutes to absorb.

overall: 5/5

Full kit review (real review):  

Okay, I could not review each item by itself because each  of them are the same, but are different in texture.

When you apply any of these products you get a cooling sensation because of the aloe in the products. Which is fantastic for the hot summer days and nights. It will definitely give you a refreshed feeling after applied and give you kind of a calm feel.

If you don't already know aloe is supposed to help you with burned skin and some sorts of  irritation. OMG... these are the products you need to have in the cabinet if you suffer from sun burns, irritation from waxing, tweezing, exfoliation, and sensitive skin. I can't tell you how much this has soothed my skin.

I use the real techniques stippling brush, but I find it irritates my cheeks when I do a stippling motion. To fix this dilemma, I use the soothing gel to calm my skin for replication. 

Leaves my skin soft and supple when I wake up in the morning:)

Overall: 5/5

Fantastic products, I love them. I highly recommend to try these products for the summer. 


I will probably try a new essence and lotion because I have been eyeing the hadalabo lotion. I am going to have to re-purchase the soothing gel because it a great all-around product for soothing and healing the skin.

Thanks to Kocomall for sponsoring this post:) 

Great prices on Korean skin/makeup brands! Don't belive me?


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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad

Hello Loves 

A little while ago my sister bought some make-up to try and one of the things she bought was the eye shadow quad from Revlon. Since this is a product always in your face when you visit the Revlon self, I though why not do a review about it.

If you would like to see some swatches and more photos click the link below! 

Colors: When you first look at this palette, the colors are beautifully matched. You have a shimmery, pearl high-light. One grey and black shimmery shadows great for a chic look. Then a matte yellow for a extra pop of color. 

When swatched once, you get very faint...i mean...FAINT swatches ( except for the white). Colors are so blah when applied. Even with a concealer base, the colors fail to show up.

Application: Application is so-so, after a few strokes I was able to get the shimmery colors evenly applied to my eyes. Though, the matte yellow was a fail because I had to literally scrape the pan to get the yellow color. 

Btw, I used Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette as my base.

Standby Time:  This eyes shadow says it lasts for six-teen hours (claim), but most definitely not. I applied the eye shadow at 12:00 am and now it is 9:00 pm (total of eight hours) and the yellow is very-very faint. The shimmery, you would think would last, creased and pigmentation disappeared to the blah look.

Overall: 1/5 

Quick Look: Blah colors and does not stand up to the claims it makes.

Will I repurchase:, jk NO!! 

Have you ever tried this product?

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Chicago Haul (Makeup + Jewelry)

Hello Loves, remember me..

I know I have not been posting in a couple of days because I get a bit busy. Ok, lets be honest I never post during the weekdays. Over the weekend I went to Chicago. Let me remind you that I like like six hours from Chicago. Anyways, I took the liberty to buy some stuff. I hope you enjoy your stay!

I was really excited when I saw a Topshop. I was walking around  when I caught my eye on a neon green blazer ( which would of gone great with this necklace), but it was one-hundred dollars...Anyways this beauty was in the 75% off isle. It was twenty-eight dollars, but I got it less for fourteen :)

I bought this ring from XXI. I though it was so spring and fun accessory for the spring. It was  four-eighty.

Now my favorite, BEAUTY! This Mac Lipstick was recommended by bellaspirit. We have a very similar skin color and I looking for a settle nude that will give me a natural look, not over bearing.

This is the YSL Stain-gloss. Amazing product any high-end buyer has in their collection. I swacthed on my hand around one on Saturday and the color was still visible on Sunday morning, pretty good right? I also purchased the stain and the lipstick from Nordstrom.

I hope you enjoyed the post, please follow me on bloglovin' and GFC!

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xo, Laila

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