Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Almay Smart Shade Face Primer

Hello everybody  I know it has been a while and I know have not been updating quite frequently, but I am happy to say I am going to post more often now. If you have not noticed, but I changed my blog design. It is very chic, colorful, and I think I did a good job. 

Today I will be reviewing the Almay Smart Shade Primer and sad to say there aren't any reviews on this product from blogs or YouTube. Though whenever I search for drugstore face primers this and the L'Oreal Magic Souffle always show up. Anyways, I bought it from Ulta for $12.99.

What is the packaging like?
I am very impressed with the packaging to be honest. I really like the DNA structure made out of the green and lavender primer. It is suppose to look like the Stila One Step Correct. It comes with a pump, which makes it hygienic. The mechanics of this primer are very cool. Every time you pump out the product, the base pushes the product up and out.  Pretty neat ^.^ Overall I think the product is very well packaged and chic.

What are the claims?
This product claims to instantly smooth and correct skin. The lavender is used to brighten and even out skin tone. Green is used to counteract redness. 

What is the product like?
The product comes out lavender and green, then it mixes to a dull blue color. When rubbed on the skin it does not finish smooth, but a little rough. I was expecting that the gel would give my skin a smooth finish, which it did not.

What is the smell?
I think this product deserves it's own section on smell. The smell is not delightful....but horrid. If you are sensitive to smells, don't get this product. Smells like pee! 

Does the product work?
To be quite This product did not live up to its claims. It did not brighten, color-correct, and smooth your skin at all. It does not even create a base to put foundation sad.

Final Thoughts?
Though this product looks pretty and has great claims, but it sucks. You would be better off finding a different primer in the drugstore than this. I was overall disappointed and was hoping for better. Next, I will have to try the chaffing cream, Elf mineral infused primer, and L'Oreal magic souffle. Overall, do not buy this primer!


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  1. Thanks for the review!

  2. So glad I read this review as this looks really pretty but, as you found, looks can be deceiving.

    Found your fab blog today and am now following via GFC :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. i have a product similar to thins, i really don't know how to utilize it! i think i don't need a whole green colored primer to my face,... its weird..

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  4. Yes, any other primer just makes me look really weird. I have a maybeline concealer in green, and it shows through my foundation ;_; That is why I stick to clear primers or neutral colored primers:D

  5. Aww though I love Almay but this one doesn't seem to be working huh :/ The packaging is pretty though... Thank you for your review ^^



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