Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Experimenting with nail art! (ft. Tmart)

I have to say that I have an obsession with nail polish. It carries various uses, one of which, I use it to stop myself from biting my nails. I have gotten better over the past few months. Soon enough, I started obsessing over 3D nail art (glitter, rhinestone, etc). I would literally sit on Pinky Paradise and try to fill my cart with nail art supplies. 

I had no idea what items I wanted, 'but cute things' to put on my nails. I would always see the shopping cart fill up with so much stuff and my total would be around $25.00. Which is not a lot because nail supplies come cheap if you look in all the correct places. 

48 Colors Glass Bottled Nail Art Decoration Random Model-$7.39:
I got an email from a an online store called, which sells a plethora of items from electronics to apparel. They asked to review one of their products they sell. I said I wanted nail art supplies to review, and they sent me a link for this product and I said yes!! I though it would be a great product to review because of all the items it comes with and the great price.

This is not a scam there are definitely 48 bottles of nail art supplies. They are tiny bottles (one inch tall: top to bottom).  They come with a decent amount of products and also come with duplicates.

They come at random, so what you see in the picture is not what you might get, hence  the 'random.' 

If you are a nail polish fanatic like myself, you might remember Ciate came out with this micro-bead or 'Caviar' which retails for about $25.00. This kit came with 3 metallic beads shades: navy (3x), red, and light blue. Then it also came with some transparent beads: gold, light blue (2x), and clear/white.

Chunky Glitters:
This kit came with two types of chunky glitter (yes, I am calling it chunky glitter). There was five hexagon glitters: iridescent light blue (2x), iridescent neon orange (2x), iridescent light orange (2x), and shiny navy green (my favorite!). There is also a diamond shaped glitter, it is a iridescent white color (2x).   

Shredded Glitters:
These are just glitters that were shredded vertically. It came with a green, lilac (my favorite), a shorter red, neon yellow, iridescent white, and a surplus of silver (7x). I can probably use a silver glitter on every finger.

Fine Glitters:
I really like all the fine glitters. My favorites are all the golds: light silver tinted with gold (really specific, right?), then a gold with a green tint (2x), and a bronze gold (2x). I am excited to do a gradient with the golds. Then there is a moss green, neon yellow, hot pink (2x), and snow white (2x).

3D Nail Art: 
These are some of the 3D art, which is what I really wanted. It came with some red sequins, which is kind of.....erm.... not something I would use because I don't want to use it. I got these deep purple rhinestones. Then pink pearls, of course it has a flat back to apply to the nail. I also got some fimo cherries, which I am using it on my nails right now. Then some cute fimo honey bees, cute for spring and summer. Then I got a swirly thing, that I don't know what it is.

My nails right now:
Here are the nails I am wearing right now at the moment. I decided to use OPI: Big Apple Red and Andreas Choice: White. Though it was ruined and sticky, but it was good for making the dots. I followed the video Bubzbeauty videos she posted called Statement Cut Out Nails! It was super easy, but that is easy for me to say because I practice a lot ( not bragging).  I decided to do the design based around the cherry deco.

Final Verdict:
There are two ways you can looks at this .....I am addicted to nails and nail art. I really love the variety this kit included. I really don't mind how random this entire kit is, I enjoy the surprise:) If you are around the 'I only do nails because I have to do it' or ' If I do my nails, I might do them nice.' then you might be a little disappointed if you were looking for some distinct product. I love the price! 

Would I repurchase:
 Probably not because this gives me a good idea on what I want in my nail art collection as well as helping it begin to grow.
Where to buy:
The only place I know of that sells this duplicate item is Tmart. If you are interested in this product you can purchase it at

My Question of the day:
What is your favorite kind of nail art/polish?
Tell me in the comments below^.^

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  1. Cute nail art!

  2. Heheh, I have vials of glitter & beads stored in boxes too :)

  3. Very helpful post.This post gave me very beautiful idea to make my nail more attractive.

  4. Thank you, I am happy it helped you:)

  5. Such a pretty color, love the effect and its really just awesome! thanks for sharing:)

    - Cindy
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