Thursday, July 4, 2013

Medium Haul ( Hot tools, Ulta, Maybeline, and Target )

Hello everybody ♡ Happy 4th of July, I hope you are had a fun day. Today, I thought I would share a collective haul on all the things I have gotten the past few week. Also, I included some things my sister got for her birthday because they are pretty cool and we do share kind of. I also got the chance to get a mish-mash of different things that I have wanting to try for a while. 

Hot Tools Gold 1' Curling Iron | $48.00 reduced to $23.95 | LINK

This is a gift I got for my sister becuase she has been wanting a hot tools curling iron for a long time. The regular price at Ulta is $46.99 reduced to $34.99, but I got it for a steal on Amazon. I will give it a try today and I will tell you what I think.

Formula 10.0.06 Deep Down Detox Mud Mask | $5.99 (with pore cleanser) reduced to $4.79 | LINK 

One time I went to my friend's house to play for the day and I went to the bathroom. What I did in there you don't need to know, but as I was washing my hands I saw this mud mask sitting on the counter. It was not until yesterday ,my sister picked it up at Ulta, that I remembered it. I was lucky enough to get a pretty-good sized sample of the Deep Pore Cleanser (see it next ). Anyways, I tried it yesterday night and holy peanuts! It was so strong for the first 3 minutes, the strong citrus really woke me up ( It was 9 pm ) and I felt a burning sensation. Then it was fine and I took a shower. I don't have enough to say to give you a review, but I will try it again and see if I build a resistance to the strong burning sensation. 

Formula 10.0.06 Deep Pore Cleanser | with the Detox Mask | LINK

You know everybody's lives would be much easier if they just wrote 'toner' instead of a 'cleanser' because this fits the description of a toner. Water, burning, skin, cleans pores,etc..etc..etc. Don't get me wrong, it would be nice to take off your make up with remover, just use this, serum, and moisturize:but using water gives you a cleaner feeling.  This and the Detox Mask are not for sensitive skin.

Maybeline Clean Express Waterproof Make-up Remover | $4.99 | LINK

A YouTuber I frequently watch named Sydney (link), just started a new channel because she wants to be a YouTube partner. The first new video she put up was her June favorites of 2013, the one thing she talked about was this waterproof eye makeup remover and I decided to buy yesterday after my Almay eye remover pads disappeared only to be found yesterday night..... It is pretty good, I will have to do a review. Though, you should visit her channel, Shoppingglovee1, because her old channel had 20,000+ subbies and she had to now, start over, but she is not one of those annoying new Youtubers that runs around going, " Please visit my channel.....I film 1080p....Canon....I am annoying.. I don't know what I am doing...I just want fame and money....., Oh, I mean I have a passion for all things makeup and beauty related," when she started. She earned all her subscribers and I respect her for that:) Subscribe , 
I know you want to 

...and tell her I sent you...that would be nice:)

E.l.f. Essential Triple Tip Waterproof Eyeliner Pen | $2.00 | LINK

Another YouTuber I frequently watch is named Jen from FRMHEADTOTOE (link) , fantastic makeup blogger / vlogger btw, she talked about about this Too Faced 3 way eyeliner pen (Link) . When I saw it I was like that is the eyeliner I want it! It is $22.00......I don't have that money, so when I saw that ELF came out with a dupe I was so excited. Yesterday, I got the chance to go to Target, picked it up, and try it. It was so cheap. The felt tip was too hard and hardly any product came out. When I was poking around with it all the product got on my hands. Best of all it was easily removed with water. I was thinking that maybe that Too Faced one was bad, but I was like then why would Jen recommend it? I went to Sephora the same day and the eyeliner was perfect. The felt tip was soft, the ink was pigmented, and it created the dots effortesly. So moral of the story don't buy this product. Please subscribe to Jen's Youtube , she is a very nice person with great advice.

Since you subscribed tell her that I sent :)

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask | $3.99 | LINK
I forgot who, but I was reading a blog post one time and someone mentioned this. I loved the concept....anti-stress....dead sea minerals...sea shells....pretty blue packaging.....count me in! I tried it yesterday and it was nice. It did burn my face a little, but not as much as the Detox Mask. Though, I don't have enough to give you a "Yes" or "No" on the present.

E.l.f. Studio Brush Shampoo | $3.00 | LINK

Does anyone else not clean their brushes or is it just me? I just cleaned them yesterday night with this brush cleaner, I am pretty pleased. Some people complain that the bottle is too bulk, I find it fine.

E.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer | $6.00 | LINK

If you read my previous post about the Almay Smart Shade Primer (Link), you would know that I was not pleased with it's performance. It did nothing and it smelled terrible. I was poking around and I found this primer. Temptalia raves that this primer is 100% identical to Smashbox Photo-Ready primer (Link). Yay for Temptalia! I tried it and I am pleased, but I wish it came with more product to use. Not enough usage to give you a "Yes" or "No"

 Diana F+ Medium Format Camera | $39.95 | LINK

My sister really wanted this plastic camera for her birthday. I have to say that I was totally against it, saying that you can do the same thing by taking a picture and editing it on MonkeyPic. I think I am starting to like it more and more....It is basically Instagram in a camera, if that is a good way to put it? It does all these cool effects for you and I am excited to try it. I have to get film for it first....

Some pics people have taken, taken from google images
That was my long, wordy haul. I really appreciate the people who take the time to read the long post. 

My questions of the day (or next time I post):
What is the most spamful/annoying Youtube comments you have ever read?
The most painful face mask you have ever tried?
How do you express yourself?

Please leave all responses below in the comments, every comment is loved ^.^

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  1. WOW, you've made quite a haul. I'm very curious to use the elf brush shampoo beacuse I've heard so many good reviews about it!


  2. GOOD HAUL YO !!!!

    check out my blog and follow if you like!!!

  3. You should get it, it works pretty well!

  4. You sure bought some great stuff! I have that curling iron and it is amazing!


  5. Love this post! I'm tempted to buy the eyeliner!

  6. Where did you get that camera from? That looks like a blast. Film photography is so much fun because you never know what you've got until you get it developed. I like the surprise.

  7. The link is right next to the title.

  8. Great haul! Shame a few of the products didn't work well for you, but that camera looks amazing! xx

    D Is For...

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