Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Caudalie Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème

Hello Everyone ♡ Sometimes we think that high-end products are worth the money. They seem to be more well packaged, well-taken-care of, and most importantly, more effective. Some people are better off using simple moisturizers from Target while others love the Triple-Micro boosting, atomic, 15 things in 1, ultra-concentrated serum ( Lets be honest that does not even nearly exist ). 

Some people are against paying so-much, so many people want to pay a lot because it makes them feel better about themselves by knowing the benefits of knowing what your putting on your face, or you saying you love the product just so you will not look stupid for paying so much (LOL)........more about this later.

 Background- $39.00
Well you must be asking why I bought this? The thing is I did not, my sister did... but she let me use it. My sister and I went to Sephora for some big-fun ( Cosby Show reference). My sister got her make-up done and to be honest it was ...meh =__=  My sister and I don't have the same skin, but we both have dehydrated- combination skin ( dry cheeks and oily nose with dehydrated patches ), our skin is also sensitive. The worker recommended this moisturizer and like always we fall short of saying 'no,' so we bought it. 

I was quite disappointed in the 40 mL (1.4 fl. oz ) tube. For forty dollars I was hoping for more product. The price and the size of the tube make you resist using it, making you want savor every last squeeze ( I hate when that happens ). 

It comes in a box that 2/4 written in French and the other 2/4 written in English. It has nothing really important, but the statistics on how well it worked on other people..more about that later.  You can also undo the box, very easily, to show a diagram on how to use the product effectively, but I didn't use it because I am a rebel..HA!

I have been using it for quite some-time, but it was not until recently I started using it consistently day and night. It has a light airy texture. It is a light ,smooth creme with little balls of clumped up creme ( if you understand what I am saying, the photo above explains all).  It claims to be a gel-creme, so maybe the little balls are gel. I don't find it a sorbet texture at all. Fair enough, it is easily smooths out once  it is rubbed in.

This product says to sooth, moisturize, and reduce redness on sensitive skin. Like I said the statistics it claims to have soothed ( 90%) and reduced redness (77%) or twenty-two women in a twenty-eight day time period. 

At first I thought this moisturizer was good, but after a few months the product seemed to begin to not show the same effects it had before. My skin began to become dry on my forehead and around my mouth. I did see some reduction of redness, but it was still very persistent around my nose.  My older sister , 23 years old, did not show much change either.

Would I repurchase
I honestly I would not repurchase this creme. I find that it is too much for its tiny size and it is just an average. It isn't life saving product and I think this something you would want to pass up. I like gels better, but I can appreciate a good creme moisturizer. I think I will go back to my Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream, I find it more soothing than this and better moisturizing

What do you think of this product?
What is your favorite/current moisturizer?

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  1. I have a big love for La Roche Posay as they are perfect for sensitive skin and all their products are unperfumed (I think). I think that some expensive moisturizers dont work as well as the cheaper ones :) Great post :)

  2. Great post, but you're right - it really is too much for its tiny size!

  3. Nice review
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  4. the moisturizer does look very thick! and the price.. em.. not to nice...

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  5. Hi, I got your email about the hop but I am a bit confused about the time you want it up so I'm looking out for your reply

  6. A lot of the time the claims of these creams are just empty promises. sometimes it is so hard to find things that really work.


  7. Thanks for the in-depth review.This is my favorite moisturizer.


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