Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Haul | Back to School Clothing

Hello ♡ Sadley, school starts this Wednesday for me (8/18). I went to get some new clothing for school because I have been getting neglected with hardly any nice clothing -_- I did not get a lot, but a couple shirts, jeans, and accessories. I am also looking for some new co-hosts for the beauty and fashion bloggers' blog hop.  

Divided: H&M Basic | $5.95 
Just a simple shirt to wear on down days with the scarf you will see below. 

Forever 21 Woven Top | $17.80 reduced to $11.99 | LINK
I honestly thought this shirt was so cute. It is in a color called periwinkle/cream with a cute peter pan collar. It is a bit of a high-low shirt, but it still very cute.

Forever 21 Woven Shirt | $19.80 reduced to $13.99 
This shirt is a little boyish, but it can be accessorized to a more girly look. It is a very blunt high-low top.

Mine Contemporary Blazer | T.J Max | Compare at $30.00 to $19.99 reduced to $7.50
My sister really liked this blazer, so she convinced me to get it. I am still confused what I would wear it with.

One Clothing Mint Green Dress | T.J Maxx | Compare at $24.00-$16.99 reduced to $10.00
I really liked this dress and it was a great find for the price. I really like the collar with the printed daises.

Monteau High-Low Shirt | T.J Maxx | $14.99 reduced to $7.50
The first picture does not really do justice on this shirt. The second picture shows the pretty details and the buttons. 

H&M Scarf | $6.95 | LINK
I really wanted this scarf because it looks like an Alexander Wang scarf. 

Kitty Headband | $4.80 | LINK
Okay, if you are a fan of Girls Generation you probably have seen these Kitty Ears (well not these exactly). They are always wearing these ears in their performances.

Not Pictured- Forever 21 Jeans | $10.80 reduced to $7.80 | LINK
Forever 21 had a sale on jeans this week for only $7.80! They are not like AE quality jeans, but they do the job well. I 

Thanks for reading! I will be posting another haul on my school supplies and beauty supplies. Please follow my social media sites and my blog, thanks for the support 

What did you buy for school?



  1. Oh my god that blue polka dot shirt looks great haha XD And the prices are super cheap too :OOO

  2. I love buying things on sale..LOL. You can buy it on the site for the same price:)

  3. My sister has a dress with the same print as your scarf! If H&M still has that scarf on sale, I'll probably grab it too :) so edgy! x

  4. loving both the polkadot blouses, they are lovely!
    The best part of going back to school is totally getting new clothes, and that feeling you get when you first wear them.




  5. Thanks, it was not on sale though, but $7.00 is not a lot:)

  6. very cute clothes. I love simple tops to mix and match. I remember when I was at school, new clothing items made me excited and made it getting up for school much easier :) Love the kitty headbands. Cutest ever.

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