Sunday, August 25, 2013

Haul | Back to School Supplies

Hello ♡ it is me, Laila! Today is the conclusion or part 3 of my back to school haul. I have included all my school supplies I will be using for the year. I have listed prices and some links below each photo, but most are self explanatory  If you could, share with me some pictures of your back to school haul. You can tweet me, write it on my fan-page, and tag me in a photo on Insatgram. 

Sharpie Highlights (yellow,orange, and pink) and Target brand mechanical pencils [$1.00 x 3]
Target brand note care box [$1.00 x 2]
Target brand 5 poly notebooks [$3.00] and Target brand 5 poly folders [$3.00]

Mead composition book [$1> X] and fordable ruler [$1.00]

Book covers!

Target pencil pouch [$3.00]

Hello Kitty Agenda [$15.00] LINK
This week was the start of school -_- and I absolutely hated it.  I am pretty awkward in all my classes because I am with old friends and it is pretty strange. I also don't sit by anyone, except in Trig. I always have this problem. I remeber when I was in sixth-grade and I had no friends in any of my classes, literally. Then I began to make all new friends and it was definitely worth it. I think it will be the same thing this year, yay fro friendship....If you want a whole new post about this, tell me in the comments.

What was your most memorable school experiences?
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  1. great haul, you got such a great deal on a lot of items.


  2. Loving the metallic markers/pens and sharpies! My most memorable school experience was graduating, lol! I hope you have a great year and make some amazing friends :).

  3. I use to love going back to school shopping! Nothing like new binders, pens and a nice new pencil case lol. I use to go NUTs with all that stuff...then I got to University and I took one pen and some paper and that was all.

  4. thanks, some don't fit my books though:/

  5. Thanks Ash, I will be literally kissing the ground when I graduateXD

  6. Thats it! I will buying Target and bringing with me when I graduate! Thanks for the comment Erica:)

  7. Ahh I love school shopping! I always get so jealous when I see other people's school supplies...everyone shops in Target but we don't have one here -_-
    This year I'm not really buying that much stationary...more home stuff because I'm moving out ;D

  8. Are you going to collage? I never asked you, but what are your favorite kpop groups? I am listening to beast right now!!!

  9. I'm going to University yep! :D
    Ahh awesome! I love Beast :D I also like BAP, DBSK...(okay well JYJ these days ;) ) and Big Bang a lot as well ;) You?

  10. I am obsessed with 4minute, but I love Japanese music a lot as well!


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