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Pore Cleansing 101

Hello everyone ♡ I got requested by my friend Ayat to do a post on pore cleansing. She is very nice and she complimented me on my blog which made me quite happy. So, if you are reading this, thank you:) Also, if you could spare a minute, please follow me on my social media links in the sidebar and tell your friends! That would be a great:)

How can a pore become clogged?
Your entire body has little tiny hairs and every hair has it's own hair follicle. Over time dirt, sebum (oil that your body produces), and other debris (getting all fancy with my vocabulary) clog this pore. Then the pore  can become inflamed and become acne. 

Why do you want to pore cleanse?
Pore cleansing helps your complexion become more clear. It is used to stop the production of future pimples. Pore cleaning reduces shine and promotes a smoother complexion. Which helps you apply makeup easier and to boost your confidence. Even if your acne is gone, your pores still collect debris. So it is important to remove that debris to stop the formation of more acne. 

Common synonyms I will be using to refer to the dirt and sebum in your pore:
garbage / build-up / debris / junk / heads 

What I recommend:

Pore strips: 
You need to remove the collective garbage from your nose, this is where it is harder to remove the debris even with normal cleansing. I would use a pore strip to remove this buildup. You can go two ways for a pore strip: natural and store bought. For store bought the most famous is the Biore Pore Strips, which are really expensive if you plan on using them frequently. If rather buy something to remove this junk and is more cost friendly , you can use the Shills Purifying Peel off mask. This product is not for sensitive skin more for people who have normal skin and can bare pain. If you would like to go the natural route you can do a DIY: Pore strip. Below is a photo of my experiences with pore strips :D
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I personally recommend the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser because it works very well as a cleanser and a mask. I live by that cleanser because it works so well, but it is very intense!

For masks the ones I am using right that is cleans pores is Queen Helen's Mint Julep Mask and Freeman's Anti-Stress Mask. The Mint Julep mask and the Anti-Stress Mask are great for closing pores. I really the like the Freeman's mask because it really purifies my pores. If you would like to take a an organic route you can use egg-whites to help tighten your pores. This will make your pores less visible. 

Toner's are really important if you want to reduce pore size and really clean out the pore. Toners have some to a lot of alcohol to help shrink pores and kill bacteria. If you would like a guide to to Toners please comment below and tell me. Right now, I am using the Formula 10.0.06 Deep Pore Cleanser, which is not good for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin and I apply very little at night around my nose and some acne I have.  I heard Wonder Pore from Etude House very great as well:)

If you own a Clarisonic you might of heard of the Deep Pore Cleansing Brush, which was a complete fail for me. It completely irritated my skin and broke my skin. Makeup was pain and my skin was just angry. It destroyed my under eyes:( Don't buy it, don't take the risk. Other than that I know that Lioele makes this Pore Cleansing Brush and there is a knock off at Walmart, but I could not find the link. I heard the Lioele one works quite well.

So now you know how to pore cleanse. With these tips you can have nice, fresh skin. If any of the products cause any skin reactions like irritation or breakouts, please stop use! If you could spare a few seconds to follow my social media links in the sidebar, that would be great:)

Question of the day:
What do you use to purify your skin?

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  5. I like using Freeman's Avocado Clay Mask, L'Oreal Toner and St Ives Apricot Scrub. They're all really inexpensive and work well for my horrible skin. I'm a new follower by the way, via GFC and Bloglovin'. Stop by my blog sometime.


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