Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review | Etude House Shea Butter Nutrifull (Essentializer, Cream, Sleeping Pack)

Hello ღ If you remember a long time back I did a Kocomall Haul where I showed you some items I got for review purposes. I got a Skin Mal;gem kit (reviewed here), Aloe Moistful (reviewed here), Precious mineral BB cream ( not yet reviewed), and this. I thought I would finished off the products and give you my honest opinions about these products.

This item came from a site called Kocomall, I would highly suggest to go to their site because their products are really low prices, but their shipping adds up like crazy. It ships directly from their headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. This is honestly is a good size trial kit if you are interested in buying the product, but you want to try it out. It is very old collection, so the chances that it sold online via non-shady store are slim.

Sleeping Pack | LINK
This is the first sleeping pack I have ever tried and I find it pretty moisturizing. I prefer gel moisturizers, but they tend to get my face a little oily. I like how it blends into my skin so easily and is not heavy at all. Quite refreshing after your skincare routine at night.

Face Cream | LINK
This is a thicker formula than the sleeping pack. They both live up to the shea butter feeling. This would be good in the morning if you have dry skin. 

Essentializer | LINK
This is the most fluid item of this set. I find essentializers like sheets masks for your face, but it is less time consuming. Blends super easily, I used it at night. Leaves my skin soft and smooth.

Final thoughts:
Pros- Simple: cute packaging: great for humid and winter weather: Easy to use products: Leaves skin soft and smooth: made with organic ingredients:  For someone with  dry and very dry skin and is sensitive.
Cons- Hard to find: Old product: Price

Would I repurchase?
No because I have combo skin, so this line would just make my skin oily. I would recommend this for dry and sensitive skin. I think maybe I will repurchase the sleeping pack, but other than that I am sticking to my moisturizers and sheet masks. 

What do you think of this skincare line?
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  1. Lovely review ^^ I love Etude House as well and I was thinking of trying this product. My skin is a bit oily so i might steer clear of this haha. Thanks for the review ^^ Can't wait for your next post xxoxoo

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment<3 What post would you like to see next?

  3. Have you heard of stylenanda? I would love to see a lipstick review of them because I am itching to buy one of their lipsticks!! I would love to see one of those reviews!

  4. Thanks for the review! I've been loving sleeping masks lately >.< It sounds great!


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