Sunday, August 18, 2013

Would you like to guest-post on Townhouse Palette?

One of the most frequent emails I get is about guest-posting on my blog. I thought I put down some rules and some suggestions about asking me for a guest post. I am not a mean person and I am really thankful for everyone who takes the time to send me an email.

How not to ask for guest-post 
I get a lot of emails and one thing that really made me laugh was when someone said they would not charge me to post on my site......That is not a way to ask for guest post on anyone's blog.  Next, you should not send me an email the next day, after you send me you guest-post, saying if I don't put the guest-post on my site, you will be sending it to other sites.

You have to be the author of the site you are sending the guest post for- I get guest posts from companies..COMPANIES... who don't even own the website. They are getting paid to surf the web to find a website that will accept guest posts for free!
There has to be three or more pictures taken by you- Without pictures, a post is unappealing and does not draw the right attention. Having self-taken pictures brings long term visitors to your site. You can photoshop, if you would like:)
I take posts only about beauty and fashion- The is the niches my blog is around, and what yours should be if you are sending the guest post.
You cannot be a store- BlOGS...BLOGS...BLOGS.... I accept blogs only. If you are store and want to send me products, review your shop, or such: please go to my PR/BUSINESS PAGE and email me to work something out.

How to ask for a guest post
It is very simple to ask for guest post, just email me at my business email: Before that, please follow me on all my social media sites including: twitter, like my facebook, instagram, bloglovin', google+, and bloglovin'( That seems like a lot, LOL). All you have to do is introduce yourself and tell me your blog url. I then read your blog's content (if you have confidence in your blog, then you will most likely be accepted).  I give the okay and then you send me your post, with all your social media: so I can put it in the post and follow you as well ;)

I also accept collaboration posts
If you would like to exchange similar posts, that will great:) I would love to guest post on your blog, if we have the same amount of followers (400-600). Some ideas: tags, 20 suggestions (10 on my blog, 10 on yours), and etc. We have to follow each other on all our social media.

ex: Beauty Blogger Tag w/ Maja

The wait depends
If I have accepted your guest post, then the wait maybe for a few days to three weeks. I usually schedule my posts in advance, like this post (I am writing on the 8/11). If we are doing a collaborative post,  then the post should be up on the same day.

Have you ever written a guest post or interested in reading them?


  1. Great post. I would say for me another requirement would be to submit the post in html format. It makes it so much easier for the blog owner to post.

    I enjoy reading guest posts as it introduces me to new bloggers.


  2. Ooo I like the idea of collaborative posts! If you're ever looking for someone to do one of those with please feel free to drop me an email at :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper


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