Saturday, September 14, 2013

Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation in #355 Suede Review

Hello  Today will be a review of the Cover Natureluxe Foundation. It is one of Covergirl's more iconic products said to be ‘Natural’ hence the NatureLuxe. I first heard about it from Macbarbie07, who raved about it back a long time ago. It was not until this year I went and purchased it from Ulta on sale for around $5.00. I bet you can buy still for a lower price. Before we get started, please follow my Social Media to be updated and promote this blog.


Packaging is pretty basic, just a squeeze tube. The cap does not undo itself, which is a good thing. Oh yeah, you can also recycle it. Keeping it basic..

Claims and ingrediants

This product is suppose to take out very harsh products and have a touch of cucumber. It does contain a small amount of SPF, and the iron oxides and titanium dioxide causes the foundation oxidize and become darker. When it says it will give you flawless coverage I think of medium-full coverage and when I hear natureluxe, I think of a light coverage. They kind of contradict...

Product, Finish, and Lasting Power

Strange change of lighting
This is a light coverage product, which might be able to go to a medium coverage. It also has a powder finish, but it is not totally matte. There is a sheer tinge of radiance in this product. I put this product around 4 pm and it lasted to probably to 9 pm. It was also raining:so,no,it did not last that long. I did not set it with powder because of the powder-like finish.

Final Verdict
I like this foundation quite a bit because of the light coverage and the powder finish. I like a matte finish, but the hint of radiance just makes this foundation better. I would recommend this foundation to anyone with normal skin. If you have dry: do a moisture pack and if you have oily: blot it off.

What do you think of this foundation?


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