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Laila Loves | August 2013

Hello ♡ Today, is going to be my very first ever favorites post! I always think about doing one, but I always get stressed and confused on what items to put in the post and just give up. I have included some long time favorites and new items that deserve some spotlight. If you have done an August favorites, please leave a link in the comments below, so I can check it out and leave a comment:)

Bath & Body Work's Japanese Cherry Blossom and Cherry Blossom 
I really love the smell of cherry blossoms and there is a difference between these two scents, that being the Japanese version has a more luxurious scent to it. These have to be in my top five favorite body splashes because it reminds me of japan and the beauty of cherry blossoms. They are very elegant and have a very flower-esque vibe.

Precision Blending Sponge (Beauty Blender Knockoff)
I remember that I bought this product from T.J Maxx, but it has not brand name. It works really well and it gives me an airbrushed look. To use it, I run it under the sink, squeeze with my hands, and squeeze with some toilet paper. It says to use a towel, but I really don't want to get those dirty, quickly.

Rosebud Salve
This was included in my back to school haul: skincare edition. It was raved about on YouTube, but it was not until my friend bought had it and I used it constantly. I am not a big fan of pot/tub lip balms because it gets on your fingers, but after I apply it to my lips I rub the remains on my cuticles. Great buy!

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara
This is my go to everyday mascara. Since my lashes are very long and already black, I love to just give them a slight enhance. I don't like wearing black mascara because it smudges really easy on me and that erks me. This sets my curled lashes and is pretty forgiving.

Cover girl Natureluxe Gloss Balm in #225: Anemone
I feel like no one ever talks about these lip balms. They compare to the Color-burst Lip Butters (reviewed) and Color Whispers. I think when they came out, they we over shadowed by the Color-burst lip butters. If you a frequent make-up buyer, you have probably passed by and saw this color..don't lie. It comes in a travel friendly size, you can just put it in your pocket and your off. It is not opaque at all. When I think of natureluxe I think of either like a really opaque, stain-style, matte, with a refreshing application (it feels like you are applying water) : or a sheer, simple color. It is the second one. It is sheer with no sparkle, but very glossy. If you would like a full length review just leave a comment and tell, because this little paragraph will turn into a full length review if I keep taking.

Maybelline Super Stay 10 hr. stain gloss in #140: Ruby Indulgence
I really like this stain gloss. It really nice for putting it in the center of my lips for a gradient or just a full lip color. It stays for a long time, but I have not tested it for 10 hours. I plan on buying other colors from this line to add to my collection.

Maybelline Fit Me Blush #202 Medium Coral
I bought this blush a long with my fit me foundation back in June. I bought a medium foundation, which means I choose a medium colored blush. I really liked the concept of this blush because it is pigmented enough for my skintone, but not too much that it is overbearing. It leaves a nice coral color with the reflexive gold pigments.

Makeup Forever Mat Velvet+ Foundation #60 Honey Beige
I love this foundation as a foundation because it gives me the matte finish I want with medium-full coverage. Since it is too dark on me I like to use this foundation as a pigmented contour on my face. 

Forever 21 Oil Control Sheets (Aka: blotting papers)
My sister bought an entire pound of these papers a few years ago. Since then the papers really have gone main stream. I like them and they do remove the oil, but they also some times remove my make>:( Love-Hate relationship.

What do you think my August Favorites should be called?
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  1. I definitely overlooked the covergirl balm! Now I'm really curious about them because the color is so pretty!

  2. Great products, I love that Maybelline blush. I still have to post my monthly favs but I know what they are :)

  3. Thanks for the favorites! I absolutely love japanese cherry blossom and cherry blossom too! xD And they really do have different scents~ I use the Clear mascara for my eyebrows as well~ To keep them in place. Hehe~

    And I'm definitely going to check out the natureluxe gloss balms~

  4. thanks, you should def. check it out! Thanks for the comment Aaliyah!

  5. Thanks for the comment Erica! I will be looking forward to the post:)

  6. You should!! Keep up the great work:) I am looking forward for more posts from you:)

  7. great idea to use a clear mascara instead of using my waterproof black all the time. I can probably use it as a brow gel as well.

  8. A lot of people use it as a brow gel, I prefer it for an actual mascara. I am happy you commented:)

  9. I have the rosebud salve ( but I have the minty rose version of it... it comes in a white circle like the rosebud one and its simply amazing!) and I was happy you listed it in your favorites. I thought this was a really great post and I can't wait until your next one! xoxo

  10. Thank you! Your comment is so nice:)


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