Monday, September 30, 2013

Liz Lisa | Wants #3

Liz Lisa

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Hello everyone  I had enough time to write a blog post on one of favorite stores that I have never been to =) LIZ LISA! Which is a Japanese store that is very princess and floral. Quick fact: My blog design is inspired off of this store. I wish I could  visit the store (and had the money). Liz Lisa is my favorite type a style chic, but cute. I am going to try to give more reasoning than 'Cute!' Also my phone broke:/ and my contract is up tell me what smart phone I should get? I am leaning towards a Galaxy S4.

 I wish I jumped on the band wagon for pattern pants sooner, but I honestly think these floral pants would be so cute with a basic white shirt. Lets all just sit here and talk about these floral rings with iridescent accents because I have never seen cute rings like these! A total want:) Next is a cross-body with the bow accent  which is definitely great for the winter and colder months when I don't want to get my Rebecca Minkoff dirty. I have nothing like these brown wedges (or heeled shoes), I like the frilly cuffs and the perforated flowers. I really need a belt like these, I like the gold and the leather. Next is this beautiful coral lipgloss (033), which has gorgeous packaging. I don't know anything about the quality of their makeup, but their makeup is just eye-candy.

What is your favorite store?
What smartphone I should get?
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  1. That bag is so cute :)

  2. Whoa, that LIPGLOSS! o.o It's absolutely amazing, I want to buy all the colours just for the packaging, haha. o.o I've heard about this brand from gyaru blogs, apparently it's reallyreally nice (but expensive yes? xD)

  3. Those pants look AMAZING! let me add that to my mental list of things i need to buy ^^!!

  4. love these!! I want those pants and shoes!

    Anna Czarina


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