Monday, September 23, 2013

Need some new specs? | GlassesUSA


If you are like me, someone who spends a lot of time in front of a lit-up screen you might of experienced  your eye-sight weakening.  I went from a 20/20 vision to -1.0 with astigmatism in my right eye -_- It sucks when you can't see the board.

Back in the day prescription glasses used to be a sign of nerdiness in like the ancestral 1950s/1960s (don't forget braces) and the cheerleaders/jocks used to make fun of them. Thought most kids wear eyeglasses, I can see one of them secretly see one of them tumbling in the hallway due to lack of vision or being avoided because of their horse teeth. Let's face it, glasses make you look more intelligent and cool.

I bought my eyeglasses from pearl vision ( see pics below ) I honestly loved these glasses because of the thick frame and the sparkle on the sides (oh yeah, they are coach). I was so excited for them until I saw the price tag of $168 dollars. I thought it was okay because healthcare would take care of it. Then they only took care of $108 and my dad had to pay $60 without the cost of lenses. I had to look my head away in shame.

Now that I am older I am more of a 'I don't care' kind of attitude and I started buying things with my money I make from blogging and understanding how hard it can be (though I don't have much and I don't pay bills). As long as the thing is cute and is something I will wear, so be it.

Thats way we have GlassesUSA! They offer a wide selection of styles, brands, colors for you choose from. At prices starting from $38 dollars including lenses!

Let's say you choose your eyeglass frames now what? All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom. You can send your prescription via online, fax, or email. Near distance or Reading are free with the glasses along with it just being fashion glasses  If you want some nifty extras, like photochromatic lenses or transitional you'll have to pay extra.

You can also choose from the premade packages, to get the best bang for your buck if you will. They also offer a 110% lowest price possible and 100% satisfaction, so don't be scared to order online! If you are more interested in learning about this company you can visit their Facebook and Twitter.

GlassesUSA was sweet enough to give me a promo code for you guys:

Type 'Blog10' for 10% off any order of prescription glasses.

Below is the Virtual Mirror, try it out:)

Want glasses, but need some makeup to chic it up? Here is one tutorial of the million out there...

I hope in the future you and I can be a more smart spec shoppers and shop at  GlassesUSA! If you like my blog please become a member and follow this blog on bloglovin'. I would love if you stopped by and added me on my social media accounts. I would also like to say I am sorry for not updating this blog for week! Terrible I know, but I will try in the future.   What are your favorite glasses styles?
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  1. Wow cool :D I'll keep an eye on this site ^^
    I have a feel that I should get new glasses soon... (should go see an optician to measure my sight...)

  2. Brill just wished I lied in the us =(
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  3. Thank you, I will definitly do the tag:)

  4. Thanks, I am happy you enjoyed the post:)


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