Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review | Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream #2 Light Beige

Hello ♡ Today I will be doing the long-awaited review of the the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream from Etude House. Before we get started, I want to say that I made a WE♡IT and revamped my Tumblr ( and I would be so happy if you came and followed it. I know I also I have not posted anything at all this week, and I am going to pre-write a few posts over the weekend and distribute them during the week.

Product Background:

 This product if definitely one of Etude House's most popular product (globally). I got this from the site, Kocomall, for review purposes. It have a few claims that you can see above. It also claims anti-wrinkle, whitening, and ant-darkening. I find this BB Cream to be in competition with Missha and Skin79 BB creams because they are all very good (fore-shadowing the review). This product also has 30 SPF/PA++ which I think is pretty decent for being a BB cream. It also says it will givr you sheer glowing skin. 


I have to give an A+ for packaging because it is very consumer friendly and eye-catching. Etude House put a lot of thought in this and wrote the information  in an easy way to read way. Even though this box is written in a lot of Korean, it can communicate to tell me why this product is beneficial in the little English it has. I really like the pump, I think it is an instant like. The only little down side is that the cap will fall off pretty easily, so if you drop on a hard surface the cap will loosen or just come off. If it is moving around in a bag/purse with a lot of items. It is most likely to fall off.


First off, it is quite noticeable that this is not sheer coverage, or it does not match my skin tone. I got this in the lightest shade. Even though  it is very light, I mix this with some foundation to get my color. So it matches and I am still getting the benefits of the bb cream. It definitely a medium to full coverage. It does have the gray tinge to it like most Korean bb creams. It does oxidize, but not to my skin-color, but closer to it. It lasts for a few hours (11 am to 6 pm~8HRS), until I notice my dry patches begin to show. It does get oily on my combo skin, but I deal with that with blotting sheets. It also has a dewy/satin finish.

I would recommend this BB Cream to everyone. It comes in more shades, but sadly it does not come in an ebony color:( I will buy this again and if you are interested in a bb cream, this maybe the one for you.

What is your favorite BB Cream?
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  1. wow, this one's coverage is not sheer at all, unlike any other BB cream I have tried so far. Do you find the texture is hard to blend in? I use Skin 79(hot pink) and find the consistency quite easy to blend and it doesn't give the grey-ish tone as some I have tried.

  2. I've always wanted to try this BB cream. Thanks for the review! I feel like I'm the only who hasn't tried it yet. ;)

  3. I'm sure your not the only one:) You should buy it, it is great!

  4. Blend-ability depends. If you try to rub in a small dot of it, it is harder to blend, but a dime size is much better because it is more runny and blends easily.

  5. this BB cream looks just like its sister product, Precious Cotton BB cream it looks so creamy *_* thank you for reviewing this Laila <3

  6. Hi, what a coincidence that I just bought this :) New follower here, cute blog..would you mind following me back...pretty please :) www.withlovekisses,'t wait for next Saturday to join your bloghop..Hope I can join..Thank you soo much.

  7. Thanks! I followed back:) There is going to be a halt on the bloghop for now, but I will get back into it! Thanks for the comment:)

  8. Thanks a lot! can't wait for the halt!


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