Thursday, October 24, 2013

Diary #5 | My thoughts on Pokemon X and Y

It has been about 16-17 days since I actually posted about on my blog, and it is sad because I am in a serious blogger's block right now. I am trying to use pintrest, tumblr, and weheartit to find some inspiration. I thought why not kick-off the month by writing a post on one of my favorite game series ever, POKEMON! I know a ton of you guys don't play or know anything about Pokemon, but to celebrate the release of generation VI of Pokemon I thought I would share a bit of my thoughts on them. 
(caution: long post ahead)

I have been playing Pokemon since I was like four or five, the first game I ever played was probably Gold. I was more into the tv show than anything and dreamed of one day becoming a Pokemon Master. When I first started playing Gold I just went with it, not knowing how to do anything. I did not start getting competitive until Sapphire came out. I also collect Pokemon cards, but more about that later. I got a DS and one of the first games I owned was Pearl and I played like crazy. I was not happy with my team so I restarted like 2+ times and I made it as far as the Pokemon league and left it alone for like 6+ months until two weeks before X and Y came out, and I beat the game. I was pretty proud of myself and because of my awesome team! It consisted of Empoleon, Staraptor, Luxray, Roserade, Lopunny, and Palkia ( I am saying this on the top of my head). It was a great team, but I kind of cheated by using action reply to give a ton of carbon and fire stone for my Evee which I never ended up using (still siting in the daycare). I used the carbon to get money to buy stuff. I kept on losing because half-way through my Pokemon had no power-points left. So I went on a huge growing spree of leppa berries to increase the power points of my Pokemon. I had about 32 for growing them for like 3 days.

As for Pokemon X and Y, I am going to cut to the chase, I love it. I think it is so fun and innovative. Did you know that the new generation Pokemon games sold 4 million copies in the first 2 days. I really like idea of having a combination of Pokemon from all different generations. I like the idea of Pokemon-amie to get closer with your Pokemon. I like how they kept the idea of traditional of a Pokemon game by battling your way to beat the Elite 4. If I play I go on for 2-5 hours in one siting because it is addicting. I also like how they incorporated the joy-stick for roller skates only because everyone knows they would just use the d-pad. I really like how you can choose the character that suits you best and can customize them!

Even if you have never ever in your single life played or have had interest in playing Pokemon, I highly suggest you play it because it is an awesome game. If your having a hard time making friends buy a Pokemon game and challenge random Pokemon players around you, ask first, don't be a creep, lol! I just want to say that Pokemon is not just played by 'Losers' and I am not trying to tag any social groups or cliques. I am just referring to your definition of a 'loser.' They are tons of people all over the world who play Pokemon and are pretty cool you just got to go find them:) Its like being a captain of your own team that you train and have one ultimate goal: be a Pokemon Master. Also, for the people who think Pokemon is stupid, you missed out on having a ton of fun. Like a TON!!!! 

I know I have officially not been posting for an entire month, which really sucks because I feel blog time is really relaxing and I love talking to guys about beauty related things. Also, I added a picture of me in the sidebar and I added more links. Please follow me on twitter because I have been tweeting a lot more and my pintrest because I have been using it for 'pinspiration.' I am going to try to post more:) So, wait for Gist of this entire post: Eat, Breathe, Play Pokemon, and follow my social media. Good Luck!

What are your thoughts on Pokemon?
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  1. I was a little worried since I grew up with top-down style handheld games and any time a series has switched to a different perspective I lose interest (ie Harvest Moon) but it's not so bad on Pokemon. Sometimes with the roller skates I have to try to interact with an object a couple times before I hit it though.

    I really think X Y added a lot of new, innovative features and I'm really enjoying the social aspect of it. Nothing has brought my group of friends together like trying to help each other get their favorite Pokemon.

    The only thing I really don't like is the designs of the new Pokemon, but that's been going downhill for a while now. I just stick to my favorites.

  2. I agree about the new designs, did you see the car key Pokemon? I think that is why they combined Pokemon from other regions in this game.

  3. I agree about the new designs, did you see the car key Pokemon? I think that is why they combined Pokemon from other regions in this game.

  4. Ohhh~ I love Pokemon X right now~ (Froakie ftw~)

    Since Pearl, I've been getting slightly bored of the Pokemon platforms, but since I first found out about this new type of 3D experience for Pokemon, I've been looking forward to seeing how awesome Pokemon would be again!

    Pokemon X and Y really brought back my love for Pokemon. I do agree, the new generation of Pokemons is slightly going downhill, but the overall game system is amazing~

    A few bugs here and there, but I'm sure the future games coming out will be awesome~

    Love, Aimee

  5. I agree Aimee!! I love pokemon to death now:)

  6. I finished X in roughly 2 days. I did nothing else except work and eat (and some sleep). I'm still training though. None of my friends want to battle me because they know I grind like a no other.


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