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YSL Look | Holiday 2013 | Thoughts

Hello ♡ Today, I will sharing my complete thoughts on the YSL Holiday Look 2013. To be honest, I have no clue when this collection released, but I felt obligated to write a post on their 2013 Holiday Collection because YSL has to be in my top 5 luxury brands. The collection is pretty standard: one eye shadow palette, one blush, four lipsticks, two highlighters, and two nail polishes. Without a further-a-do let me introduce (or re-introduce) you the 2013 Yves Saint Laurent Holiday collection.

Blush Radiance in 'Rue deBabylone'- This blush is pretty and is actually quite unique. The pink surrounding the heart is a cool,  'textured,' and matte pink. They heart in the center 'scintillating,' or glowing pink which (both) are compatible for both skin tones. I think the heart in the center is a cute touch because when I think of YSL, I think of very glamorous, dramatic, and sophisticated looks. 

Pure Chromatics in 'Avenue Marceau'- Like always, YSL's eyeshadow quads are wet and dry formula and this palette is no different. First off, the applicators of their palettes are amazing. There are three sponge applicators, but they are all different. This makes them each unique and serve different purposes. My favorite is the eyeliner applicator because you can turn the eyeshadows into a wet formula and apply them effortlessly. To be quite honest, I find this palette as a good transition from Winter into the Spring because of the pink (top right) and the pinkish-purple (top left), but the plum (bottom right) and gold (bottom left) are good holiday colors. 

Rouge Pur Couture in 'Luminous Mauve'- First color is a purple with a very light-hint of red. I find this color very nice and mysterious for the colder winter nights. 

Rouge Pur Couture in 'Luminous Red'- This red seems like a dull red, not a vibrant red., but I will say this many times, I don't know the actual product color because I have not yet to see them.

Rouge Pur Couture in 'Luminous Vanilla'- We can all agree this color comes off as a very vibrant/bright red color with some orange (but it is not coral).

Rouge Pur Couture in 'Luminous Pink'- This has to be favorite of the four because I love hot pink/fuchsia colors. I think everyone can rock them. I find this like a shade of fuchsia, but not a very vibrant fuchsia. I find fuchsia a brilliant color with some simple eyeliner you can look flawless. I can write an entire post about fuchsia lips.

Touche Eclat Collector in both 'Luminous Radiance' and 'Luminous Ivory'- I never tried the Touche Eclat, but I have to tell you that is at the top of my list to try. It comes in Ivory and Radiance. Ivory would have to be for pale skin tones and Radiance would be for anything darker beyond Ivory. I think they did this kind of packaging before, but I am not sure because I am confusing it with the Missha BB Cream special edition packaging ( the one with gradient and leaves ). So it is not really a collectors item, but it pretty to look at.

La Laque Couture in 'Rose Renaissance' #12 - This color is a hot pink, which I think is lovely for the holidays if you want to keep a more vibrant color that reminds you of Summer, but has its aspects that it relates to Winter.
La Laque Couture in ' Dore Orfevre' #29 - This gold seems like a simple metallic shade with no shimmer and it gives me an impression that it is holographic if you can see the tiny rainbow in the picture, or is it just me? Okay, it is just me:) 

Collection Design Conception
To be honest I find this collection very simple and it does not convey message clearly. I have a link to Nordstrom where they show the front packaging of the palettes. The gold if self-explanatory because that is YSL's color. I don't know what the heart has to do with the holiday season, but it comes to that it means giving gifts (love). It would be more cuter if the heart was red. Like I said before, I have not seen any of these items in person, but I plan of buying some soon. I find the is design a little rocky and hard to deduce the hidden message. 

Products I will try to get my hands on:
The blush palette
Eyeshadow Palette
Mauve Lip color
#12 Nail Polish

What do you think of the 2013 YSL Holiday Look?
Tell me your thoughts:)
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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Great review, the eye shadow looks amazing and love the nail polish!

    Greetings from London,

  2. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  3. I like Eclat limited edition, although I haven't been properly matched with a color yet. I do have some samples of it laying around somewhere, so I'll probably dig through those. I'm a huge fan of YSL's La Laque Couture, but the two holiday shades don't really stand out to me. I might try and see if I can swatch Rose Renaissance to see what it looks like.

    1. The Elcat has been labeled as a 'Holy Grail Item' by a ton of bloggers, but I have yet to try it, let alone swatch :'( I find this collection as not a bit repetitive from past collections and I feel there are no standout products. They products I listed to get my hands on are just going to be tested, but probably not bought. Thanks for the comment, Deareux, I appreciate your input/feedback<3333



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