Sunday, November 24, 2013

FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY - Win an Eyeshadow Palette of Your Choice! [CLOSED]

Hello  Today is my long awaited blog giveaway! I was originally going to do a giveaway for my 2 year blogging anniversary, but I am almost at 500 blog members, so why not mush into one giveaway, right? I was going to giveaway the Naked 3 palette, but it was out of stock before I knew it was even out. So, I decided on three different eyeshadow palettes that the winner can choose from. They can be seen in the picture above and are listed below. Before we get into the rules and the ways you can enter. I just want to say a huge thank you for helping this blog  reach almost 500 GFC FOLLOWERS/MEMBERS and 200 BLOGLOVIN' FOLLOWERS. Which is huge because, as you know, it also around my 2 year blogging anniversary which makes this milestone so much sweeter! Whenever someone tweets me, leaves a comment, or leave any form of communication it really makes me happy. It makes me want to move forward in life, blog more, and gives me the up-most appreciation to the people who read this blog . I wish I could give every single follower a gift, but that would be too much money, which I do not have:(  You have to enter this because my next giveaway won't be until I get to 1,000 blog/gfc members, unless something great happens. If I was you I would enter this giveaway because these are very great palettes and some of these palettes might not be available where you live. 

1) You must follow the mandatory requirements at the beginning ( Twitter, GFC, Bloglovin', and Instagram ) to get access to options to gain more entries.
2) Please don't confuse becoming a member/following GFC with adding me to Google+. They are two different things.
3) You can have 14 entries total, but tweeting about the giveaway can be done once a day till the end of the giveaway to gain more entries. 
4) I will be checking, so don't lie....I am watching O_o, lol, but seriously.
5) All entries are done via rafflecopter below, if you are unsure about how to enter using rafflecopter, please click here to be taken to a webpage that has pictures and a video to show how to enter: using rafflecopter:)
6) Parents permission if you are under 18 because it will make my life easier and your life easier.
7) Giveaway is international:)
8) I might be ordering off of Sephora and having the package shipped directly to you because I feel like they can ship and handle everything and your package will get there more quickly. If not, I will buy it and ship it myself if anything comes up:)
9) There will be one winner, sorry, I wish I could give all of you a gift. ( Golden rule: you have 24 hours to reply before I pick a new winner )
10) I am announcing the winner via Instagram and Twitter, not through a blog post. So make sure you follow those social media links.
11) The giveaway is from Sunday, November 24th, 2013 to Friday, January 10th, 2014. More than a month to enter, so why not?
12) Good Luck! 

Eyeshadow Palette Options:

(230x230; width changeable in code)


Did you vote? If so, why do you choose that palette?



  1. Awesome giveaway, thank you so much! I would love to see the Perfect Palette tag :)

  2. Great giveaway! Would love to see a haul post :)

  3. Thanks for hosting the giveaway :) I say monthly favourites or hits and misses!

  4. Congrats lovely on the milestone! I would love to see a what's in my makeup bag! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway! xx

  5. i would love to see which palettes aren't worth the money!
    thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. Awesome Awesome giveaway! Make more makeup reviewsss! I love them!

  7. Thanks for this giveaway! These palettes are AMAAAZING!! I wanted to giveaway the Naked 3 too...the craze people went through on the Urban Decay website~

    Thanks for this post!


    Love, Aimee

  8. Thank you for the giveaway! :D
    Make up tips maybe? or tutorial!!

    Bella /

  9. Thank you for the Giveaway !! Hope to win !! Do take part in my giveaway :)

    xx Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!
    Giveaway on the Blog!

  10. lovely color dear :D


  11. Thanks for the chance! And I'd love to see a Black Friday or Cyber Monday beauty haul post! :)

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  12. Wow! Nice giveaway! By the way, thanks for visiting my blog, Laila! :)

  13. Great giveaway!I would like to see favorite products of all year.

  14. Thank you for inviting me to join your giveaway!
    it;s awesome one and I would suggest a post for your music tastes, song recommendations etc :))
    regards xx

  15. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! <3
    Do you happen to have any home remedies? Cause I'd love to see one! *^*

  16. How about a post on the perfect red lip? :x

  17. tag: 5 best drugstore beauty products

  18. Oh beautiful palettes! Love love them, great giveaway! oh oh & beauty tips for posts!

  19. Top 5 lipsticks for this winter season!

  20. Great post! Maybe Winter wish list?

  21. Great giveaway. Hope to win. Thanks dear.

  22. Lovely giveaway :) I'd love to see a What's In My Bag Post!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  23. I really don't have any suggestions for you --- you have an AWESOME blog going on here with some awesome information. Keep up the great work, that's my suggestion :-)

  24. I'd like to see some tag posts, like a Sweater weather one. Would be nice to get to know you better


  25. amazing giveway! such gorgeous palettes! i'd like to see a seasonal wardrobe staples Xx tania

  26. I would like to see a palette post. Maybe your top 5 or something?

    Great giveaway!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  27. great giveaway, such a good idea! I might have to steal this one to do in the future ;) love your blog, I'd like to see your favorite products of 2013! I'd love it if you'd check out my blog, its

    xx Kristina

  28. this is a lovely generous giveaway! I'd love to see what your top 5 best and worst products are!
    saida xx

  29. i love beauty and make up reviews :) X

  30. I would like to see your favorite brushes.

  31. I would like to see more face cream reviews.

  32. very generous and awesome giveaway!!!!! Congrats on the milestone - you more than deserve it.
    I would love to see a nice dramatic smokey eye tutorial as think it would look amazing on you
    Fingers crossed to win!


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