Saturday, November 9, 2013

Limited Edition Emcosmetics Holiday/Winter Palettes | Holiday 2013

Hello ♡ I am excited to introduce the Limited Edition Emcosmetics 2013 Holiday Collection. I was looking forward to this collection since it was mentioned in one of Michelle Phan's videos, I think the 'Wake up with me in New York' one (good memory:D). Disclaimer, I am not trying to bash the company, all criticism are my opinion and I will share why I feel the way I do:) All complication images were created by me, but the photos of the actual product property of the  Emcosmetics website. Note to Emcosmetics: (if they ever read this) please save your images as a back groundless png, it would make a blogger's life easier when comes to sharing and editing images.

The Life Palette Moment Holiday Life: New Year's Countdown Edition - When I think of this palette I think of more of the Christmas time, than New Years. When I think of New Years, I think of cool toned colors like blues and violet-purples. The colors in this palette are all on the warmer side, except for the black (I see the hint of blue). I think this palette is more for the Fall season than New Years mainly because of the colors.

The Life Palette Moment Winter Life: Ice Bunny Edition - I think this palette is great for winter because captures more than just winter, I will get into later in the creation and conception section. Overall, I really like the colors of this palette, it gives some warmth to the usual cool colored winter season. I really like the silver-ish color because it gives the essence of winter, but it is like its hiding among all the other colors, if you get what I am saying. I really enjoy how all the colors are arranged in the palette.  

Creation and Conception - I think the holiday life palette is ok, but I think it more of a Christmas theme palette or a Fall season palette. I think the Ice Bunny Palette is my favorite of the two. I think it really reminds me of a bunny, with the cute warm colors, and winter , with the cool dark colors. I also like the Dramatic eyes and complementing natural colors for the lips and cheeks, shown in the video. 

What I want to buy?
Ice Bunny Palette 

What do you think of this new collection?
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