Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Perfect Fall Lip Color // Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss in 'Ruby Indulgence'

Hello ♡ If you have been following my blog+Instagram for a while you would know that I consistently talk about this this lip product from Maybelline called the Super Stay 10 hr Stain Gloss in 'Ruby Indulgence'. Let's talk about this pretty little thing, shall we?

I bought from a supermarket called Krogers, while I was in Michigan visiting my older brother at college. There was a bunch of things on clearance, so my sister and I used are sharp 'find the cheapest product' eyes to spot what was on sale. I snatched this up along with the Covergirl Gloss Balm in anemone and the Revlon Lip Butter in Gumdrop. I was intimidated by the color at first because of how deep and rich the color was. Don't get me wrong: 'deepness and richness' are great qualities to any products, but for me it was too much. So I put it away and once in a while I would put it on, but it just did not look right on me. Then I reached for it at the begging of Fall, and fell in love with it!

The formula is quite thin and runny, but the color is opaque when applied. Even with the toilet bowl applicator it kind of hard to apply, I would of liked a brush much more. I like to apply some on the center of my lips, rub it in, then I apply another coat in sections because the product is so wet and runny that it slides and can easily go outside the lips when being applied. It is a great deep reddish-plum color. It has great lasting power with a brilliant shine. The shine will go away if you eat or drink, but the color will still be there.  I definitely plan on buying more of these in the near future, but I really want to try the vivids. Till next-time 

Have you ever tried these lip-products?
Whats your favorite lip tints/stains?
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  1. This formula is great! I haven't tried this shade, but it looks gorgeous :)


    1. Give it a try, it has to be one of my favorites:)

  2. What a lovely red~ Does this come in an orange ?

  3. Replies
    1. It really is, the wand maybe original, but it needs to go:)

  4. This is such a pretty color~ I did a recent Fall into Fall Lippies post as well~

    Thanks for this post!

    Check out my blog~

    Love, Aimee

  5. That is a really nice color, even to put on top of something.

    1. I agree, but the color is already so opaque:) Thanks for the comment<3

  6. I love the color! Looks similar to a lipstain. 8D
    I wish I could go to these places with sales as well! ;v; Where I'm from, everything has to be bought at regular price-
    Thank you for the review! <3


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