Thursday, December 26, 2013

Avon's Ultra Glazewear

Merry Christmas   It is safe to say that Avon has impressed me again. Before, I thought this product was going to be sticky and the glitter was going to be chunky. I was pleasantly surprised with this product, but more about that later .

I was never interested in the private, direct selling companies like Mary Kay and Avon. The only way I get my hands on any of their products is from the Avon booth in my mall or when my friend, S, gives them to me. S's mom works for Avon and when there are special events, she gives me some presents from Avon. She gifted this to me for Christmas. 

This product came in a lip and fragrance duo from Avon. It is limited edition and it's full name is the 'Limited-Edition Dazzling Diamonds Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss.' It only comes with this and a tiny perfume. It retails for $12.99. I really don't like the diamond looking lip-gloss tube, but it holds more product than the traditional. I can appreciate a unique design.

Enough about the packaging, but the actual product is magnificent. It is a shimmery gloss, but I can hardly feel the grittiness on my lips. It applies smoothly and is not sticky ^_^ I really like the brownish-pink colors which looks like your lips, but better. Then the shimmer just makes the lip color look elegant. I think this lip gloss is quickly becoming my favorite lip gloss. Bottom line: I highly suggest it.

What do you think of Avon products?
xo, L


  1. I love Avon products! Im an avon representative so have quite a lot of their products:) great review, I recently posted about some of my favourite Avon products too :)
    Katy xxx,uk

  2. I love the packaging of the gloss! *A* It's really appealing and cute. <3
    Thank you for reviewing!


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