Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Having self confidence ^_^

I got requested by someone to do a post on this topic a few days ago and I thought it was a really nice topic to touch seeing that it is something that effects a lot of people now in today's society. I have been putting this post off when it should of gone up on Friday, but I had a hard time wondering what to write.
It is ok to be self-conscious - It is okay to wonder if your breathe stinks or if there is something stuck in between your teeth. Sometimes it can save you! Sometimes if you are really loud and people look at you weird, you will stop talking (hopefully). It is totally normal because it stops you from being cocky, which can be really annoying. Moral of this paragraph some self-consciousness = being more humble.

Accept Yourself - I am cheating, but I watched a video by Shaanaxo about having self-confidence, but I am going to mention this because it is very important. You can't gain more self-confidence without accepting yourself. If you have something you don't like about yourself you don't have to like, just accept it. 

Okay, this may seem bizarre and strange to you guys, but my face has a lot visible hair. Everyone has hair on their face, but because I am a brown person, so my hair is dark. Do I like it, No, but I accepted it. It is my number one insecurity. If someone points out this, I just try to stay cool and say 'You think I don't that?' Hahaha, but that no one ever points it out because either people are more emphatic or I just scare them 0.0

Earn Your Respect - Respect others and others will respect you. Simple as that:) When you gain respect from others it creates this relationship between you and this person of treating you like a human being with feelings, stopping them from saying nasty things about you. There are some girls who cannot respect other people, which is really sad, but they will find themselves with no friends.

Do What You Love with the People You Love - When you are doing what you love with the people you love, you don't care what others think. You might not believe it, but its true ^_

Have Empathy - Put yourself in someone else's shoes. If you notice there is something that you know is embarrassing about someone else. Don't point it out! Ask yourself ' How would I feel if someone pointed out something embarrassing about me? ' 

Perfection does not Exist - We see people in magazines and on runways who look like they are flawless, but pictures in magazines are retouched and runway models have a ton of makeup with airbrushed abs or something. I think we all think some people are perfect, like I consider every member of Girls' Generation to be perfect. Even when I think people are perfect, it does not stop me from thinking I am pretty and unique in every which way possible. Ask yourself this: If everyone in the world fit your standard of perfection, what would make him/her different? 

Though some of us have insecurities, we should not forget there is someone out there who loves it. Beauty may attract people's attention, but whats on the inside is what makes them stay, and remember, people who are perfect on the outside usually have imperfections on the inside. You are one of a kind:)

Thanks for reading-XOXO
 Do you have self confidence?
What post on girl talk do you want to read next?


  1. I've had a lot of self confidence issues over the past few year, and I still have even more now! My legs and facial hair has always been something I couldn't really change. Though I could work out and diet, my thighs would always stay as bulky as ever. OTL
    Thank you for this post. ;v; <3

  2. Thanks for answering my request of making this post. I have an amendment project to present so I really needed this ;)

  3. Very beautiful post quite inspiring.

  4. Hello everyone! I'm in desperate need of help. I recently moved to a new high school halfway through the year and have to take PE since I did not take it before. I also have to wear a specific shirt for PE even though it is above my behind. I am currently on me feminine cycle and have to wear it starting on Monday and I'm beyond frightened. My mother is extremely strict about wearing a tampon so that is out of the question. Please help me!

    1. Do me a favor, just stay calm:) This is something every high-school girl goes through. Here is what you should do:

      1) Bring loose yoga/athletic pants, don't wear leggings. It will be extremely obvious that you are wearing a pad. You can wear shorts, but it is safer to wear yoga/athletic pants.

      2) Change in the bathroom stalls of your locker room, not in front of everyone. This is a good time to change your pad and your clothing.

      The other girls may look at you strange because your new, but not because your changing in the stalls. It is something those girls go through as well, so don't worry. I went through it, my friends went through it, and you will go through it too:) It is the circle of High school life. Update me on how it goes, hope this helped:)


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