Monday, February 10, 2014

Empties #1

I have decided to do my first empties post. YAY! I have been collecting these items for the past few months and I have been waiting to finish them, just so I could do this post. It is so nice to finish off beauty products because it means you get to buy more..Haha. Majority of these items are skincare because I have trying to focus on taking care of my skin for the past few months just to make it clearer. If you want a full in-depth review of any of the products just comment:)

Tretinoin Cream - This a prescription cream that you can get from your doctor if you want it, you don't have to see a dermatologist. I got this cream around 2-3 years ago, but I finished it a few weeks ago. So, yeah its been lasting and WORKING for the past 2-3 years. 

What it basically does is you have any scares or acne in general if dries the area and just strips the pimple of it's oils making the pimple go away faster. This is different from a drugstore on-the-spot treatment because it helps reduce and get rid of stubborn acne really well. 

Olehenriksen Truth Serum - I got a deluxe sample in a kit I bought for $22.00. It has a strong citrus scent and feels like any other serum. I really like this serum because it helped brighten my face and faded a lot of my scares. It also helped hydrate my skin. Since I have finished it, I have seen a turn in my skin for the worst. 

Olehenriksen Advanced Hydration - This also came in the deluxe sample kit. It is just a moisturizer. It is honestly ok, nothing worth repurchasing. The first thing that turned me off was the scent. It has a really strong raw citrus scent, not very pleasant in my opinion. The serum did enough for me and this creme was very refreshing, but not really worth it. 

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask - This is a staple in my skincare collection because it is always able to combat the mountains growing on my face and clear my pores better than any pore strip. Those things really hurt, it's like a band-aid with gorilla glue adhesive. Anyways, I like using this as a cleanser, a mask not so much. It just cleans and refreshes my skin, while treating my acne.

Clean and Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser (Sensitive Skin) - All of us have experienced ' I will grab whatever I find because I am in a rush ' moments, but we all stand in the beauty isle comparing products for hours. I actually had a ' I will grab whatever I find because I am in a rush,' but luckily I did not spend three hours at my CVS. I just picked this up because of how it was for sensitive skin, not for the price cough* cough* like five bucks cough* cough*. It helps remove any leftover makeup residue after I removed my makeup with proper removers. 

L'Oreal Lineur Intense in 'Black Mica' - I really enjoy liquid liners because of how close it can get to your lash line and give a very natural look. I like using this, but like any other teenage girl, I tend to spaz a little when applying any eyeliner. I would suggest this eyeliner for intermediate to advanced level eyeliner users because it takes a steady hand and balance to apply this stuff. Easy to say is one of my very few favorite eyeliners I used. 

Marbella Black Eyeliner Pen - Unlike the eyeliner above this eyeliner shows more promise when it comes to beginner eyeliner users. The only problem is it is only sold online  ᕙ(`皿´)╯It is not something I will repurchase, but it did tattoo on my eyelid, literally!

Gap Lip Gloss - I have had this lipgloss a long as Kylie Jenner's finger nails. You should be able to deduce that it long, but not too long. That joke sucked. Anyways, it is my favorite lip gloss color. It is the perfect burgundy for me and just running out this color makes me really want to punch someone because I don't know where else to find this color, but one of these days I will go on hunt to find the perfect dupe for this color and won't rest until I do, or at least till I am hungry (‿◠)✌

Thanks for reading - XOXO

What's your favorite movie (Random)?
What are your empties?


  1. Can you further elaborate on the gap lip gloss? What does it taste/ smell like?

    1. Well it is really old, so it smells and tastes old. It lost it's scent and taste a few years ago and sadly since it is not sold at the gap anymore it is hard to say ;_; Good question/comment:)

  2. May you pretty please reply to my comment on your previous post? (◠‿◠)

    1. Sure, I will do that right now (◠‿◠) ( stole your emoticon )

  3. Can you describe the gap gloss in anyway besides the color.. Maybe the scent and taste of what you remember? I need to know.

  4. What is on your top 10 wishlist in detail?


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