Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Thoughts on Real Techniques Brushes

If you don't already know, when it comes to makeup brushes, the beauty blogging community has been obsessing over the Real Techniques Makeup Brushes. This makeup brush collection comes with tons of different brushes which can be distinguished by color. I own 2/3 colors from the collection. The only color that I don't own is the purple brushes, which are eye brushes. I just wanted to share my personal opinion on the only two brushes I own. So, enjoy!

Stippling Brush - The stippling brush was the first Real Techniques brush I have ever owned. I have very mixed thoughts about this brush. Whenever I used this brush with foundation, it always left foundation steaks. I always had to use a sponge to pat the foundation to remove any of the streaks. Over time, I just stopped using the brush and just used the sponge instead.

When applying foundation with any stippling brush it is important to dot the foundation all of the face for an even application. Whenever I would start dotting the foundation on my cheeks after a few minutes I would get a burning sensation in my cheeks. It is most likely because of my bi-polar skin being sensitive and then normal. I then started using it with cream blush, but I find that the product blends/looks better with my fingers.

Powder Brush - I got this for my 15th birthday, which was something I needed after my Ecotools powder brush went a-wol. It honestly is a really good brush! The bristles are very soft and it has very wide volume. It nice fluffy enough to be used to apply setting powder, but dense enough to apply a powder foundation. I have yet to try applying liquid foundation, you might be thinking that won't work, but yolo ( yeah, I said it).

Will there be more Real Techniques Brushes in my collection? - I will definitely be seeing more face brushes in my future. I am interested in the dense foundation brush and a few eye brushes. Though I want these brushes, I have been eyeing the Bubbi brushes for the longest time!!

Thanks for reading-XOXO

What do you think about the Real Techniques Brushes?
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  1. I don't own any RT brushes since I didn't live full-time in the States until this year, so they were hard for me to get ahold of.. Based on what you've said though, they seem like excellent budget brushes. I think with stippling brushes, as long as you stipple a very fine layer of foundation on initially with a very gentle "stabbing" motion at your face, you should be good. If you want to blend, just very lightly swirl the brush head. If it's truly a duo-fibre, only the white bristles should be moving. If the black ones are moving as well, it means that you're applying too much downward pressure, so the brush isn't applying your foundation in a light, airbrushed way it should, therefore you end up with streaks xx

    1. Thanks for the long response and tips! I will definitely try using less pressure when I use this brush again:)

  2. If you want an air-brushed look, the EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing brush will do the job better. I own one and I don't want to switch to anything else (a sponge sucks up so much product)! Another great one for liquid foundation is the Real Techniques Expert Face brush.

    I've posted a Real Techniques review for only a few days, I don't know if you saw it but you can click the link below to read. You can also find a link for the review on the EcoTools one I've just mentioned when you read through the post. Hope it will help! :)


    1. I will definitely check out EcoTools Brush and I will be investing in the Expert Face Brush:)

  3. I've heard so many great comments about these brushes, but i've been stuck in my routine with my regular brushes. Maybe it's time I try these out :)


  4. try the setting brush! I honestly use it for everything from eyeshadow blending to highlighters to contouring! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up


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