Monday, March 31, 2014

Quick Update!

Hello Everyone  I had a plan to post my March Favorites today, but I did not finish it ;_; I did not want to put up a bad quality post, so I decided just to do a quick update on whats going on my life. First foremost, I just came back from Florida like two nights ago and am still catching up on sleep. Even though writing this post is not helping >.< Second, my life is a mess right now and I am having post-vacation depression ( is that even real? ) I also have the beginnings of WWIII in my bedroom from all the random crap floating around. I also slightly sick from the sickness that has been spreading one by one on my Florida bus ( I was slightly close to being exposed to this fatal epidemic ).

Anyways, I have a lot more to tell you about my Disney trip, but I will save that for later! I will be posting Thursday and most likely Saturday! I am now going to do some very stupid stuff and procrastinate till I go to bed. Ciao ^.^

Thanks for reading-XOXO
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  1. We really want to go to Disneyland one day!! This picture makes us even more desperate!

  2. Awww cannot wait to hear about your trip and don't worry, I get holidays blue too! It's normal!!

    Now following you on GFC and hope, if you have a spare mo, you will vist my blog :-) xx



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