Monday, April 28, 2014

University or Community College?

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Hello everyone | Long time, no talk? Today is not a beauty post, but a talking post geared towards college. I always hated school, not because I hate learning, but because of the tests! Although I hate them, I still study because I want good grades to get into a good university. NOTE: I can't even spell college right!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cramming Session

Hello everyone | Do you ever have to stay up and study or cram? Do you every wake up looking like p-diddy? Today I picked out some items to use when you wake up feeling like a bag of potatoes. Other than make-up, there are other ways to look and feel refreshed. One thing you can do is put some spoons in the freezer the night before and put them on your eyes in the morning (5 mins) to reduce puffiness. Another thing is coffee, this honestly your best bet to stay awake and focus on your test.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Room Tour | Before

Hello Everyone | Glad to see you again ^_^ Today I will be talking about my bedroom and giving a tour of the mess that is my room. I planing to changing my room from a big mess to a more calm, serene space. I will be decking out on the white. If you want to see what I am interested in check out my Pinterest, to some of my room pin-spiration. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

L'Oreal Lipstick Colour Caresse in Velvety Fuchsia

Recently, I went with my school band to Orlando to perform in Magic Kingdom. Along with Magic Kingdom we got to go to Universal, Hollywood Studios, etc. I was fortunate enough to go out to a fancy dinner and to see The Blue Man Group. They wanted us to dress-up, so I went for it, and wore a statement outfit. I wore a leather jacket and a hot-pink maxi skirt. You know what they say, go big or go home ^_^

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silky Smooth Hands

Hello Everyone  I hope you are having a fantastic week. I have some new exciting updates that probably no one cares about, but I will share them anyway. Samsung did an update on the S4, so now I have emoticons. Trust me, you may think they are useless, but they make twitter a ton more fun. Next, I have been feeling down for the past few days, that's why I have not been posting. I really don't know why. Maybe because of all the stupid tests I have to take -_- Anyways, now onto the rest of my post where I talk about my dry hands.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review | Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Triple-Action Toner

RIP a rose for this sucky toner
Hello Everyone | How are you today? Can we all take a moment to pray for this toner and imagine what could of been? To be honest, I was not very surprised that this toner sucked. First off, I never really like the Neutrogena Stress Control Brand because, well, it does not do anything. I tried a few of their products prior and this, like the rest, they stink? I feel more stressed when I use them...oh Neutrogena!

To keep it short sweet and simple. This toner is just below average ( on the Laila scale ). My nose is were I focus my toner because that is where my pores are the biggest and where I have the most white heads. THEY JUST KEEP COMING BACK! Anyways, I noticed after using this toner my pores began to bleed..yes, bleed. I know there are different kinds toners, but this is a normal toner, so if if it makes my nose/pores bleed its a no no.

Next is that is that is supposed to help with acne and treat new pimples before they hit the surface. That is a total load of crap because it ain't treating my pimples. #unluckyteenfacesbadbreakoutswhileeveryoneelseflauntstheirgreatskin.

To keep it simple, skip this toner. It may seem nice to try, but it is just a bust. Instead try the Clean and Clear Essential Toners that have three different toners to suit your skin-type.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked it, please share it with other to save them the trouble and money-loss. I have no clue what to do with this bottle, so leave me suggestions. Please follow me below and leave a comment. Bye Bye~

Thanks for reading-XOXO
What are your least favorite skincare products? 
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Favorites 2014

Hello everyone | Welcome to my March Favorites! Where I tell you about all the things I have been enjoying the past month. In my head this post was going to be much more elaborate and detailed with many items, but I have no clue what happened. I tried to include some new things to share with you guys because I feel like I repeat the same items over and over again. I have tried to include new items, but I still have a habit of including my staples even though I talked about the a million times.

Even though the Spring season has arrived, Northern Ohio still remains as a blizzard zone. Along with bad weather, I experience dry and peeling skin. I have been using this Victoria Secret Ultra-Moisturizing Body and Hand in 'Midnight Mimosa' every night after I take a shower ( when I am not lazy ). I moisturizes my body and smooths away any rough patches. I have never smelled a Mimosa, but to keep it simple it smells like baby powder.

If there is one thing I love about the dark, gloomy winter weather it would be that I can darken up my style. One way is with a dark nail polish. I have been loving 'Lincoln Park After Dark' by O.P.I for a few years now and it has become my favorite. It is a dark plum color made to look black. It is my go to Winter polish.

If you remember back, I did a post on hair oils. I have been getting lazy lately and have not been using oil in my hair, which is totally killing it ;_; I have been using this hair conditioner once a week for the past two months and it has really improved my hair. Which is the Marc Anthony Deep Hydrating Conditioning Treatment. My hair feels smoother, softer, and very light. I do not use it more than once a week because it will make my hair too smooth, yeah...too smooth, and it harder to maintain hairstyles. I your wondering about the ratchet looking bottle the product is in, the product comes in three dollar packets from Ulta that are a bit messy. So I used my wits and transferred it to a bottle.

For scents, I tend to go for fresh scents for Spring time. The Sea Island Cotton by Bath and Body Works has always been a fresh scent favorite. It makes me feel as if I was just at the beach, taking a dip (when in reality I HATE swimming ). At least I can fool everyone with this..hah ^_^

As for the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara, I did a review for this product here, but in a nutshell it really opens my eyes and volumized my lashes. My newest mascara favorite!

For a random favorite, I have been reading. As surprising as it sounds, its true! I started reading Memoirs of a Geisha a few weeks ago, which I fully bought today. It follows a girl named Chiyo who lives in a small fishing village in Japan. It basically follows her life on becoming a geisha. It is a very easy read, so check it out. I would also like to thank Jenn from Clothesencounters for recommending this book.

That was all for my March favorites! I will be trying to get into a habit of writing these posts every month. I hope you have great rest of the day. Bye-Bye~

Thanks for reading-XOXO
What are your favorites for March 2014?
Any product recommendations? 
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